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Raising turtles in the house and treating them as pets is increasingly popular. In addition to nurturing them, farmers also need to pay attention to their regular health checkups. Make sure turtle sight has a good health. At the same time promptly discover the cause and treatment for sick turtles.

1. Eye examination for indoor turtles

Eye examination for indoor turtles

When you want to check the head of a turtle, you can use your thumb and forefinger. Maybe by the time he didn’t notice, grab them behind their heads. The movements must be quick and decisive, otherwise once they have pulled their heads into tomorrow, it is very difficult to check. If the turtle peels too much, there is a chance that the skin will have a problem or the nutritional imbalance is caused.

The eyes of ordinary turtles are clear and clear. When finding a large swollen eye accompanied by a lot of tears, the eyes have a problem. If there are obvious symptoms behind the eyes, you need immediate treatment.

The cause of the disease may be due to infection, foreign body, corneal or cataract. Or maybe the turtle has a conjunctivitis due to vitamin A deficiency. Especially during the estrus period, it is most likely to happen.

2. Observe the ears of domestic turtles

Turtle’s ears do not have external ears like mammals. The sealed eardrum is located behind the eye. The problem that often arises in the ear is inflammation. The inflammation sometimes drains into the throat according to the desert Eustachian tube. The results often cause the nearby cellular organization to become inflamed. Or the inflammatory fluid will become a hardened condensed form.

3. Check the turtle’s nose

Check the turtle’s nose

When keeping turtles indoors, turtles’ airways can become infected. Usually the nose tip is wet. Watching carefully will see there will be bubbles sometimes. Even severe cases will have secretions of pus. In such cases, it is imperative to heal quickly. Otherwise, the consequences will be very serious, even causing death.

4. How should the mouth of an indoor turtle be checked?

It is not always easy to check the mouth of a turtle in the house. Unless the action must be very fast and decisive. By the time they did not take precautions, press the back of their heads. Otherwise, once they pull their head in tomorrow, it is extremely difficult to pull them out.

How should the mouth of an indoor turtle be checked?

If testing is required, there is no alternative to sedation. After the mouth has been opened, pay attention to whether there are red spots, bleeding, necrosis, yellow sputum or cheese-like pitting, to serve as a basis for diagnosis. If abnormal findings are detected, ask your veterinarian for help.

The above information is about health checkups for indoor turtles. Hope you can check out your own turtle. Many species of terrestrial turtles and water turtles are also kept in feng shui. However, many opinions suggest that raising black turtles, being bad, is not good … But these information are not proved and have no scientific basis. Therefore, do not believe in these contrary ideas.



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