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Summer, when hot weather is a very fast development period of rabies disease and also a condition for this type of disease outbreak. Dogs of rabies and rabies are extremely dangerous, they can take our lives if we don’t know how to prevent, prevent and treat in time. rabies and treatment measures to prevent this disease.

1. Information about rabies in dogs

Until now, rabies has not yet had a definitive treatment but only preventive medicine. Therefore, we need to equip ourselves with a thorough knowledge of this disease in order to take reasonable measures and preventive measures. This is a particularly dangerous infectious disease, spreading from dog to person by salivary glands. Rabies in dogs is caused by viruses, killing both animals and humans.

2. Recognize dogs that are rabid

Rabies is not clear during the incubation period. The incubation period is quite long, so up to 2 months, you will only see dogs tired and avoid contact. Many people mistakenly think that a pet is sick or in arousal. After this time, the expression of rabies will become more apparent.

Recognize dogs that are rabid
  • Dogs have a lethargic, drooling appearance, opaque eyes and low drag.
  • Dogs are tired, just stay still and move shakily
  • The dog becomes aggressive, bites the furniture and doesn’t let the owner touch him.
  • Seizures
  • In the final stage, the dog will lie in one place, unable to shut up, drool and die after a short time.

Dogs that die from rabies will need to consume them thoroughly, not eating rabid dogs will be infected with dangerous viruses. Dogs with rabies usually live for up to 5 days. So far there is no cure for rabies, along with the ability to infect people, so this is a particularly dangerous disease. Rabies mostly occurs only in large dogs, sometimes there are cases of rabid puppies but very few.

3.Signs of people infected with rabies virus

The body has symptoms such as headache, nausea, fatigue and feeling uncomfortable. Dog bites feel swollen and painful. This is a clear expression of people with rabies who are in the incubation period.

At the time of the disease, rabies infected people often have a fever above 40 degrees C. The body is extremely tired, has a dry cough and is difficult in the language. Moreover, the expression also depends on the physicality of each person.

  • People with rabies often exhibit convulsions, water fear, light and wind fear. Only inadvertently suffering from these phenomena, the patient will immediately have convulsions and stiffness. More seriously, the respiratory system also becomes more difficult, such as difficulty breathing, suffocation, even loss of consciousness and deep coma. Patients will die only after a maximum of one week when these symptoms occur.
  • There are also cases where rabies patients do not have any understanding of nerve stimulation. However, the body will be extremely tired, unable to move with signs of muscle spasms.
  • Finally, the expression of rabies virus directly affects the nervous system of the patient. The patient will have an uncontrolled expression like tearing and smashing everything. In this case, the patient usually only lives 2 to 3 days to die.

4. How to be bitten by a rabid dog?

How to be bitten by a rabid dog?

If you are accidentally bitten by a rabid dog, you need to do the following to prevent dangerous virus infection, affecting your health.

  • Absolutely not squeeze, apply kerosene or stimulants, apply leaves to the wound. This will lead to more severe wounds, which cannot be dealt with.
  • Please treat the wound with soap or clean water for 15 minutes. It is best to wash the wound under clean tap water and then use alcohol to disinfect and wash the wound.
  • Take the injured person to the nearest medical facility to stop bleeding, treat wounds and treat.
  • Currently, the treatment for rabies is to use vaccines and rabies serum immediately after being bitten by a rabid dog. Go to health facilities to inject serum as quickly as possible.

5. Is it okay for a rabid dog to bleed?

Even without bleeding, we are not subjective and need to take prompt first aid measures. The reason because pathogens exist in dogs are at high risk of rabies virus spread.

Disinfect the wound quickly and immediately go to the nearest medical facility to take anti-rabies medicine. Rabies is spread from dog to person and there is no cure. It can be said that almost anyone who is bitten by a rabid dog will die. The incubation period is up to half a month and the disease is only a few days old and then death.

6. Measures to prevent rabies

Prevention is better than cure, so to avoid getting rabies virus from your own pet dog. You need to vaccinate dogs right from a young age, if you buy a dog, you need to ask the seller if you have been vaccinated so that you can vaccinate dogs in time. In particular, people who suffer from rabid dogs absolutely avoid places where loud and loud sounds are heard. The frequency of loud sounds stimulates nerves, making it easier for people with rabies virus to develop disease and control their behavior.

Through the article about the signs of rabies above, perhaps readers also understand the danger if the dog is infected with the virus, most importantly it can infect people. I hope that this knowledge will help readers easily identify and take prompt measures to prevent this virus, avoid unexpected cases.



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