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For rabbits, prevention and treatment of common rabbit diseases is the most important task. Prevention and treatment will help farmers avoid the unfortunate damage. Among these diseases, coccidiosis and hemorrhage are the most common and dangerous diseases. Both diseases have a common sign of seizures before death.

How are coccidiosis and hemorrhage dangerous? What is the prevention and treatment of common diseases in rabbits? Check with your veterinarian.

1. Coccidiosis in rabbits

Coccidiosis in rabbits exists in two forms: kidney and liver colonies. Common in rabbits, rarely found in adult rabbits, but if the disease, the mortality rate is very high. So when you first buy home, the first thing to do is blood tests to detect common diseases in rabbits.

Coccidiosis in rabbits

Signs to know: rabbit eat little or no eating, mental drowsiness. Rabbits are more common than normal, heavy belly and down. The cause is due to bloating, liver swelling, bladder volume of water. At the end of the rabbit with seizures, cramps or paralysis, head back to back, both trembling. Rabbits screamed and died.

Treatment: Drugs recognized for effective treatment of coccidiosis include sulfamerazine, sulfaquinoxaline, sulfamethoxine. Lasalocid is the most effective treatment.

Note: Therapeutic drugs in addition to destroying the parasite also affect the beneficial bacteria in the rabbit’s digestive system. So, consult the experts before using the drug. Using the wrong medication can cause diarrhea leading to death.

2. Rabies haemorrhage (RHDV)


Rabies haemorrhage (RHDV)

This is one of the most common diseases in rabbits with the highest mortality. Hemorrhagic disease usually develops at night. The disease occurs very quickly, sometimes without any expression. Some will show signs of anorexia, eating to death. The time from onset to death is only 1-2 days.

Rabbit body temperature increased abnormally high, red ears. Before the whole body trembling trembled, twitching, rabbit lying on the side. Rabbits screamed a few hours and then died, head back to back. Some of the mouths are lined with blood. The anus has a pale yellow color.

Rabbits with chronic hemorrhage only have high fever. After a few days it will be very easy to spread the disease to other animals. Hemorrhage immediately does not have specific drug treatment, only symptomatic treatment. Therefore, to prevent damage, farmers need to do well prevention of rabbit disease.

3.How to prevent common diseases in rabbits

How to prevent common diseases in rabbits

For coccidiosis, the prevention of disease is always ensure the rabbit dry, airy. When the weather is wet, rains have to strengthen the antiseptic rabbit. (See also how to prevent other common diseases in rabbits at bacsithuy.org)

For hemorrhage: periodically clean the rabbit. Use 3% sodium hydroxide (NaOH) to spray into the detergent. Regularly replace new bowls, water jugs and rabbit supplies.

Also in the spring and fall must receive vaccination. Current hemorrhagic vaccines usually start producing antibodies 4-6 hours after injection. Duration of immunity is 6 months, 100% immunity.

Here is some information on rabbit’s disease. Hopefully through this article you have more useful experience to take good care of your pet rabbit.


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