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The front part of the face is smooth and flat. The muzzle is wide and thick, the lower part of the eye is divided into two upper and lower parts of the face. Muzzle skin is black. Wide and short black nose. The lower jaw is slightly puffy with strong, wide jaws. The eyes are round, big, bulging apart with black eyelids.

The ears are on the front of the head, heart-shaped, and hanging close to the head. The neck is short and thick. Legs are short, thick and strong. The tail is high, slightly arched and curled over the back. The outer coat is long, rough and dense in texture. The undercoat is soft and dense. The coat consists of all colors, sometimes with a black mask.

From 2-4 months old, this breed weighs about 1 to 6 kg and is 13–23 cm tall. When they mature, they weigh more than 3 or 5 kg depending on the young but the high skill does not increase significantly. Age from 10 to 15 years.

1. Beijing dog characteristics

Beijing dog characteristics

Pekingese are very brave, sensitive, independent dogs. These adorable dogs can be great companions. They are able to eat a lot without being full, but if they overeat, they will quickly gain weight. This breed is a pretty – good watchdog. Pekingese can be difficult to cause damage to furniture.

If you have them omnivorous on the table, they will gradually become anorexic, and the more they show their conscience towards their owners, the more they will become more lazy. They can become fierce and courageous dogs for reckless things. Awful when they try to overcome. This is not a characteristic of Pekingese. You should not learn how to take care of Beijing dogs so that they become difficult.

They have these behaviors resulting from people allowing them to act on their own at home. If a Pekingese must obey the rules, the limits that they are made and not allowed to do. Comes with daily walks to release mental and physical energy. They will show a clear difference, much more cute personality.

From the beginning you have to start showing that you are a strong, strong owner. It can be comfortable and a truly wonderful dog. Common points that Pekingese has are healthy. Or have fun running and jumping, very much entwined with the boss, obedient and cute. The downside of this species is that it is not smart and biting, but they are not difficult dogs.

2. Beijing dog activity

Beijing dog activity

Pekingese needs a daily walk, where the dog is run beside or behind the owner bicycle, because instinct tells the dog that the owner leads the way and is the commander. Play will take a lot of care, however, as with many other dogs, playing will not satisfy the need for walking. Dogs that do not walk on a daily basis seem to exhibit many behavioral problems. Walking is also a way to take care of Beijing dogs that you should know to nurture them.

They will also enjoy running in a secured area without chains, such as a large fenced-in yard. For your Pekingese dog get used to the chain when you’re a puppy. Many dog ​​owners told me that their Pekingese could walk up to 4 miles every night. They hate to be chained or tied in one place and sometimes may be stubborn.

3. How to take care of Beijing dogs

How to take care of Beijing dogs

Daily brushing for long double coat is necessary. Check the back of the body, which may be dirty and soiled. Females lose their fluff during the season. Dry shampoo often. Clean your face and eyes daily and check your feet to remove the rotten seeds and objects that are there. This breed has moderate shedding.

They eat a lot but don’t know how to eat so when taking care, they should only eat enough meals and absolutely avoid giving miscellaneous foods, unknown sources, sour, spicy, salty. Absolutely do not eat sausages, sausages. Should provide sufficient ripe fruit, green vegetables.



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