Learn how long a hamster is pregnant and how to care

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1.How long is the hamster mouse pregnant?

According to veterinarians, the hamster’s pregnancy is calculated from the time they start to be pregnant until birth. How long the Hamster is pregnant depends on the species. Hamster is divided into 2 groups: Golden Hamster (Hamster Bear or Syrian) and lower type is Dwarf Hamster (Winter White, Robo, Campell, Chinese …)

The average Hamster Bear (or Syrian Hamster) has a gestation period of 16 days. For Hamster Winter White and Chinese Hamster, it is 18-21 days. Hamster Robo (Roborovski) is 23-30 days.

This period of pregnancy can be long or short depending on the condition of the female mouse and the care regime. For Hamster Bear, the time can last up to 22 days. If breeding Hamster breeds you should pay attention to mating time to know the exact date of birth.

2.Identify signs Hamster is pregnant

To know how long a hamster is pregnant, we must determine the time of their mating. Usually, early in pregnancy it will be difficult to identify the signs. Only up to 1 week before birth the signs appear clearly. Includes changes in the habits, physique, and personality of female mice. Therefore, if you do not know the time of mating, it is difficult to know if the female mouse is pregnant. Many breeders have to come when the baby Hamster is born. Reproduction habits of Hamster types are not quite the same. Although most difficult to identify, we can judge through the change in habits of mice. Most female mice will become more shy, they are startled even when an acquaintance appears. Many will start walking around and forgetting sawdust to drive.

The pregnant hamster will also be more aggressive than usual. They will scare away the surrounding animals, especially males. As soon as you see these signs, you need to isolate them immediately.

3.Take care of hamster mice pregnant

Taking care of maternal mice is very important, this will help them stay healthy and baby mice are born smoothly. Although there are different pregnancies, hamsters have a similar habit. Here are some notes when taking care of hamster mice pregnant.

  • Provide protein rich foods Keep the cage clean Do not cuddle, hold a pet, especially hold it in the abdomen
  • Place the stable in a quiet place
  • Clean the breeding facilities 2 or 3 days before the expected date of birth
  • Add tissue paper or sawdust to make a nest

4.How do hamsters give birth?

The female hamster will give birth and take care of her baby, so you don’t need to interfere. For Hamster Bear, males will not be with their children during pregnancy and raising children. In dwarf hamsters, males can live peacefully with females. But to be safe, you should separate them as soon as your children reproduce.

The number of juveniles born depends on the species and condition of the mother Hamster. Syrian Hamster always spawns 6-10 offspring, sometimes up to 16 offspring. Meanwhile dwarf hamsters usually only have 5 or 6 children.

Newly born baby hamsters are completely hairless, they cannot see or hear anything and are completely dependent on their mother. Let the mother Hamster take care of their own children, the mother mouse will know what to do. Do not touch baby mice when they are too young. If you feel threatened, your mother Hamster may leave you or bite her baby.

After 4 weeks, the baby hamster is big and can separate the herd, this is also the time when the mother hamster is pregnant with the next pregnancy. Particularly for dwarf hamsters, females can stay with their mothers while males should separate.