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Breeding squirrels like flying squirrels, cotton squirrels, ground squirrels … are now being raised as domestic pets. Taking care of the scene is not difficult. However, ask the employer to give them some time.

1.Ensure balanced nutrition for squirrels not sick

Ensure balanced nutrition for squirrels not sick

Give food a balanced and nutritious food. You cannot be lazy and only buy some ready-made food to feed the squirrel. Need to ensure adequate supply of calcium, vitamins … for squirrels. Also, drinking water is something you need to pay attention to. Drinking water for up to 2 days should be replaced once, if contaminated, replace immediately.

Do not let the sight of drinking tap water. Do not feed human food. If you have this error, you may have a digestive disease. If the squirrel has diarrhea, it is very dangerous. You can refer to the article about the cause, how to care for diarrhea in bacsithuy.org.

2. Pay attention to environmental sanitation

If you are too lazy and not clean, sick squirrel is inevitable. The habitat is cluttered, easy to raise bacteria or attract flies to visit, making squirrels infected. It is best to clean water, bowls and feces in the cage every day.

Pay attention to environmental sanitation

Regularly change wet bedding. Take the time to clean the house when the sun is shining. It is best to clean the cage every few days and take time to use hot water to disinfect it. Before and after playing with squirrels, you should wash your hands. Try not to put the squirrel in bed.

3. Ensure stable temperature and humidity to avoid squirrel sickness

Most squirrels come from dry areas. Therefore, the cage should be placed in a dry and quiet place to avoid moisture. This is also the reason you should regularly replace wood chips. Squirrels are very sensitive to temperature and should maintain a constant temperature.

In the weather with great temperature difference and winter, keep warm to avoid squirrel from “hibernation”. In summer, instead of using cooling materials such as cool ceramic plates or cool mattresses to cool squirrels, fans can be used properly. However do not blow directly into the squirrels. Can make squirrel sick.

4. Avoid pressure and stress

Avoid pressure and stress

Congenital squirrels are very sensitive and if kept in an artificial environment, it is easy to feel pressure and stress. It seems like people, stress causes squirrels to get sick. Often leads to stomach pain and diarrhea.

Do not play too much with squirrels. Such as chasing them. When in an unfamiliar environment, things that people consider to be good make them feel terrified. Create space for exercise. It is best to give a big cage, a wheel and let it run every day.



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