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Ky Da Ackie Monitor is a variegated line of Australian origin. They live in arid areas and dense environments. Currently, this reptile is a lot of people who love and raise them as pets.

1. Environment nurtures the momentum

Quite a few people cultivate Ackie Monitor, because their length is quite long. About 60 – 70cm. Therefore, farmers need to prepare them an appropriate operating space. This is extremely important. Ackie Monitor momentum mainly live on land is the main. You can consult their natural habitat to arrange artificial feeding for them.

Environment nurtures the momentum

The most common habitat of Ackie Monitor when living in the natural environment is deciduous, semi-deciduous and tropical evergreen rainforests … They can also survive in relatively dry desert environments. hanh Life on the ground is the main. They like to rest in places such as near streams of mountainous areas or coastal coastal estuaries, mountain lakes, dams, etc.

2. Indicates when the Ackie Monitor period meets an enemy

When the momentum of Ackie Monitor encounters harmful enemies they will have many different manifestations. For example, immediately climb up the tree, use the claw to scratch the tree. Emit noisy sounds that threaten the opponent. Or just bulging your neck, your whole body becomes rough. While letting out a hoarse sound, the tip of his tongue stretched out, threatening the opponent. Spray food that has just eaten not long before tempting the enemy. Meanwhile they will take the opportunity to run away …
In some cases, they will also fight wrestling with the opponent. Usually after turning the body facing the enemy, the momentum of Ackie Monitor shows a fierce wrestling posture. They used sharp teeth and claws to attack.

After struggling for a while, it will gradually approach closer to the opponent. Then raise your body. The waving area of ​​the long tail has an unexpected attack power. It was like a steel whip bouncing through the opponent’s side, causing him to panic and run away miserably. Even lost their lives under their tails.

3. The diet of Ackie Monitor

Male momentum of Ackie Monitor is 42% heavier than females. Therefore, when feeding, attention should be paid to their gender differences. To feed the right amount of food. To nurture artificial momentum you should refer to their natural food sources to ensure adequate nutrition.
Vistas living in natural environments mainly eat insects, spiders, geckos and small lizards. In addition, it is possible to eat birds, frogs, snakes, mice and eggs of animals …

Ackie Monitor momentum all day and night out. However, the most concentrated is in the early morning and late afternoon. Although the body of the momentum is relatively large, the movement is very flexible.



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