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Puppies have completely different skin characteristics than adult dogs, so when using a dog bath gel, it is not a usable shower gel for all stages of the dog’s development, especially the first stage in the growth and development of dogs.

We receive a lot of cases of dogs with fungus, dermatitis, hair loss … And unfortunately, the cause of these diseases is because the owner uses inappropriate dog bath cream.

Many people use our shampoo or shower gel to bathe the dog. Human skin is weak alkaline, the skin of the dog is acidic. So cannot be used together. Depending on different breed of dog, baby shower gel will be different.

1. Learn characteristics of puppy skin

1. Learn characteristics of puppy skin

The skin of a bitch is acidic pH 5.5, the male dog’s skin has a weak acidity (pH 6.5), the dog’s skin is neutral pH 7.2. Types of small, alkaline pet dogs pH 7.5. Therefore, neutral shower gel may be reluctant to use. Gasoline and engine oil absolutely cannot be used for dog bathing.

The most popular puppy bath gel is a mixture of bleach. You should choose a shower gel according to the nature of dog hair. A soft-haired dog should use neutral shower gel. For shaggy and dry dogs, it is recommended to use oily bath gels. Includes two types: one contains vegetable olive oil and one contains animal fats. After using both types, determine which one to use by observing the effect of each.

2. Common mistakes when buying baby shower gel

The owner usually opens the shower lid and smells if it is fragrant. Then buy a fragrant shower gel for your dog. Excessive shower gel may have a big negative impact on the smell of pets. Over time, their sense of smell becomes poor. Even cause respiratory diseases. In addition, because of the artificial flavors, some pets with sensitive skin can be allergic and cause skin diseases.

Buy as many bubbles as possible. Too much foam is because the shower gel contains too much foaming agent and a kind of shower gel is less likely to be sterilized. The long-term use will make the coat dull. For white fur, it will make the hair yellow. In addition, the shower gel makes the hair too smooth after bathing. Because it contains lubricating components. Significantly reduces the cleaning ability of shower gel. On the other hand, it is difficult to clean.

Therefore, when choosing a baby shower gel, do not choose sensory and foam-based shower gel. Choose natural and low foam bath creams. Especially for owners whose pets have beautiful fur or have sensitive skin. Especially Pug dogs, Poodle … Be careful when choosing shower gel. Should choose the type of natural shower gel in Pet Mart is the best. And it’s best to use your own shower gel and lotion. Although it is a bit troublesome to bathe the pet, it can make their fur more beautiful.

3. Do not bath your puppy too often

Dogs are different from humans and cannot bathe regularly. Summer should be bathed once a week. The frequency of dog bathing depends on the texture and color of the dog. This may be the time when the coat is dirty and the temperature and humidity in your area.

Generally, dogs should be bathed 3-4 times a month. Excessive bathing for puppies can cause skin diseases such as dry skin and rashes. If your dog is too dirty, you can wipe it with a wet towel.




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