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In the dog Agility obstacle course (Dog Agility), speed and accuracy are a priority. In addition, the instructor’s instructions are also important. When the dog performs the test, the coach is also the participant. In the experience of long-time coaches, the guiding method has a great influence on the performance of dogs.

Dog Agility includes tests on jumping through bars, zigzagging, crossing bridges and tunnels … Let’s join bacsithuy.org to learn the notes for coaches when playing.

1. Unique opportunity

Dog Agility is a competition for dog trainers to demonstrate their training ability. Emphasize the time and accuracy of the dog when taking the test. The preparation time is very short, only 10 minutes before the start of the test, the coach knows the path, the position of the obstacles.

Unique opportunity

Before the test, both the owner and the dog cannot enter the game field. Do not get used to the way. The coach only has 3 minutes to grasp the diagram and outline the appropriate route.

Each dog has only 1 chance to complete the test. At some major competitions in the world, only one mistake will be eliminated. Facing obstacles, without proper guidance, dogs are easy to make mistakes. Don’t talk about speeding up.

2. Movement of dog trainer

Dog Agility is a competition of both people and dogs, so the coordination is very important. Dog instructors must make dogs understand their ideas. Move in with the dog. Through the eyes and movements of the dog to judge the direction.

Movement of dog trainer

The dog training succeeds when the dog forms a reflex. It is possible to move naturally only by a trainer. The coach’s orders and movements will determine the direction of the dog’s movement.

Training is when the dog pays attention to the larger owner of the obstacle. Can easily overcome barriers, tunnels, wooden bridges … Now if the master’s movements are not explicit, it will obviously confuse the dog and make mistakes.

3. Location of dog trainer

Location of dog trainer

The coach’s standing and moving position is also very important. In these competitions, the trainer cannot stand still and give orders. Which must move forward, backward, and coordinate with the dog.

Therefore, before the test takes place, the coach must know the obstacle diagram. Understand the movement order, how to move. Make plans to move as quickly as possible. The coach’s run is parallel to the dog’s track.

While moving, the face is always facing the dog to help them concentrate. At the same time observe the location of the obstacles. For obstacles with entrance and exit regulations, the coach needs to stand in a convenient position, not to block the dog’s running path.



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