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Standard for the CFA Cat show for British short-haired cats

Short-haired British cats are also called British short-haired cats, British Shorthair. Is one of the most cultured ornamental cats in the world. In CFA's...

Causes and prevention of brain concussions in ornamental birds

Brain concussion is also called a mild brain injury, is a very common type of injury in humans. However, brain tremors in bird birds...

Warning of the risk of death from intestinal cage disease in cats

1.Cats suffer from prolonged vomiting cats vomit for more than 2 months without a reason. But because symptoms are not so severe, they are not...

Characteristic characteristics of purebred Bengal cats

Long cats of Bengal have been considered by cats to be one of the most beautiful purebred cats in the world. When referring to...

Notice the dog trainer’s movements when playing

In the dog Agility obstacle course (Dog Agility), speed and accuracy are a priority. In addition, the instructor's instructions are also important. When the...

How good are jogging dogs every day?

Today a lot of people have a habit of running the dog daily. According to veterinarians, running slowly with long distances brings a lot...

Pairing and breeding secrets of African gray parrots

Gray African parrots (referred to as Gray parrots, Congo gray parrots) are a ornamental parrot with a pretty appearance. With moderate size, good speaking...

Experts recommend: eat dogs more

Maybe you know, dogs and wolves have a close relationship. They are classified as predators. According to veterinarians, eating dogs for meat has many...

Instructions for trimming Maltese dog hair in sweet candy style

Maltese dog (also known as Maltese dog) is characterized by long, furry fur which is soft and smooth. In order for the dog to...

Want healthy cats, immediately plant a pot of grass for cats

As a predator, cats also need to eat plants. In the molting season, grow a pot of grass for your cat in the house....

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