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Method of processing bran for birds singing at home

There are many methods for mixing bran for birds. Bran for birds is often used for songbirds. Ensure to bring them the most adequate...

How to care for young birds and handle common diseases

Young birds are small, resistance is very weak. Moreover, the body is still not fully mature. So how to care for young birds is...

Raising certain breeding birds you must know this

Breeding birds nowadays does not stop farming. Many people have used their bird breeding techniques to build breeding models for breeding birds for economic...

Should birds with colds be treated effectively?

Sick birds are hard to avoid during the care and nurturing process. Especially in the fall, the rate of infected birds increases. In autumn,...

A mother dog with milk inflammation causes poisoning and sudden death

A mother dog with milk inflammation is dangerous for newborn dogs. This is a very common phenomenon. However, not everyone knows how to recognize...

Instructions on how to trim nails for ornamental birds at home

Cutting nails for birds is also one of the steps to take care of birds. Any bird needs to be trimmed, cut off its...

Experience in choosing to buy healthy birds

Ringing Bird, also known as the Bird's Ring. Is a small bird that feeds on insects. It is so named because the eye is...

Share the experience of treating poisoned pigeons

1. Manifestations of bird poisoning A pigeon in the early stages of poisoning will vomit food. If you open its mouth, you will see that...

How is the hawthorn the best?

Birds also known as birds. This is one of the few birds that can mimic human speech and other sounds. Hence, they are preferred...

How to train a parakeet?

Training the parrot playing or imitate the human voice is a familiar play of many young people today. Birds of a variety of species,...

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