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Standard for the CFA Cat show for British short-haired cats

Short-haired British cats are also called British short-haired cats, British Shorthair. Is one of the most cultured ornamental cats in the world. In CFA's...

Warning of the risk of death from intestinal cage disease in cats

1.Cats suffer from prolonged vomiting cats vomit for more than 2 months without a reason. But because symptoms are not so severe, they are not...

Characteristic characteristics of purebred Bengal cats

Long cats of Bengal have been considered by cats to be one of the most beautiful purebred cats in the world. When referring to...

Want healthy cats, immediately plant a pot of grass for cats

As a predator, cats also need to eat plants. In the molting season, grow a pot of grass for your cat in the house....

Do you know: why cat litter is so smelly?

Anyone who has ever kept a cat knows cat litter is very smelly. Even more horrible than the smell of dog feces and some...

How to prevent Toxoplasma Gondii parasite for pregnant mother

Toxoplasma Gondii is a primitive animal found in warm-blooded animals such as dogs, cats, mammals ... Toxoplasma can cause serious illness in pregnant women....

Cat’s psychological problem: how do old cats get used to new cats?

According to statistics, the majority of cat breeders often raise 2 children. But increasing the number of cats also means cat's psychological problems. At...

Guide to making Japanese style cat food

Okonomiyaki or Japanese pancake is a very famous salty cake. Made from fresh ingredients and delicious flavors. For those who love to make cat...

Uses and characteristics of cat litter for cats

It can be said that cat litter is a breakthrough product in pet care. Although few people are interested, thanks to the sanitary sand,...

4 simple ways to reduce waste from pet care

In the world, big cities emit 13 million tons of waste every year. The economy is growing, leading to increasing waste. Among them, there...

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