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Instructions for trimming Maltese dog hair in sweet candy style

Maltese dog (also known as Maltese dog) is characterized by long, furry fur which is soft and smooth. In order for the dog to...

Be careful when sunbathing dogs in the summer

Sun drying for dogs is a must for dogs to be in good health. But in the summer, be cautious when letting your dog...

How should Bichon Frize dogs be cared for?

The Bichon Frize breed originated from France. A small-sized ornamental dog with a lovely appearance, fuzzy fur, it is very friendly to humans. In...

When they watch TV, what do they see?

Today many major television stations have channels for cats and dogs. Maybe a business, can also be a new experience for customers. But when...

4 simple ways to reduce waste from pet care

In the world, big cities emit 13 million tons of waste every year. The economy is growing, leading to increasing waste. Among them, there...

Make dog food from super delicious eggplant at home

Eggplant is a familiar dish for Vietnamese people, can be processed into many delicious and nutritious dishes. Nutrient composition in eggplant fruit is very...

How is calcium supplementation for cats properly?

Calcium supplementation for cats is not as important as for dogs. Because your cat's regular diet has enough calcium they need. However, in some...

Review 5 of the hottest dog cleaning products today

Yellow teeth, bad breath, swollen gums are signs that your dog's teeth are having problems. Solving this situation is not easy. Causing trouble for...

Preventing diseases for old dogs: sharing experiences from experts

How to prevent old dogs? Cats and dogs are like humans, and when they get older they are prone to many diseases. Examples include...

Treatment and health recovery for scabies cats and dogs Demodex

Dogs with scabies Demodex or dog scabies. This is a common scabies in pet dogs, cats are very difficult to treat. This scabies is...

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