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Learn characteristics and ways to take care of Beijing dogs

  The front part of the face is smooth and flat. The muzzle is wide and thick, the lower part of the eye is divided...

How to raise a Corgi to be called a standard?

A misconception is taking place in the Corgi breeding community. A lot of people think that raising Corgi must be round and stout. There...

Signs to recognize when male dogs have sex?

Do male dogs have sex? The answer is yes, but the male dog does not usually care or pay attention, but if you look...

What to do when chased by a dog?

When it comes to dogs people often think of a human-friendly animal. The familiar phrase of every dog-keeping family when guests enter is "It...

Top 10 extremely good dog foods

There are very good dog foods available in your home but you are sure or don't know how well their effects are for your...

Note when buying baby shower gel

Puppies have completely different skin characteristics than adult dogs, so when using a dog bath gel, it is not a usable shower gel for...

What are the characteristics of the giant Newfoundland dog?

1. Newfoundland breed origin The exact origin of this breed is still controversial. Many people believe that their ancestors were the Great Pyrenees. There is...

What special characteristics does the Great Pyrenees have?

The Great Pyrenees (or Pyrenees, French shepherds) are a large breed of dog with a luxurious, noble beauty. They are a shepherd dog originating...

Detect and treat promptly dogs with pancreatitis

Dogs with pancreatitis are caused by various causes. This is quite a serious disease. Common symptoms include vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and strong depression....

Top 10 dog foods recommended by experts?

1. Yogurt is delicious without fear of fat Why not fresh milk? According to veterinarians, cats and dogs cannot digest milk. The reason is that...

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