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6 proper Hamster Bear mouse training methods

Cats and dogs need to farm a lot of time and effort to nurture them, which Hamster, which has a small body, is too...

Which is the best hamster mouse breeding time?

Believe that Hamster foster friends will look forward to seeing the crystallization of Hamster's love. However, if you want a healthy Hamster baby, first...

How should baby hamster mice be protected?

The newborn hamster mouse needs to be cared for and carefully. Especially need the support of the owner because some mother hamsters after giving...

What is the purpose of the hamster mouse bite?

Today's Hamster mouse has become one of many popular, cheap, cultured pets. They're petite, cute and mischievous. Hamsters are usually raised in pairs or...

Sand bathing for Hamster mice Which type is safe and best?

1. What is sand bathing for hamsters? Bath sand is made of Silica material. Although eating must not digest, but follow the intestine excreted. Moreover, Sillica...

Why do cute hamsters have strange expressions?

They often have lovely expressions and behaviors that wrap the boss. Or want to inform the owner of their mood. Normally, through this you...

Hamster Experience for Beginners: Choose hamsters, items, bedding, food

This article is a synthesis of experience and personal knowledge. If you have any mistakes please donate. I) Choose hamster A) The first thing to raise...

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