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The oestrus rabbit signals the coming reproductive period. For rabbits who want to breed them, this is very important. However, if the rabbits still do not exercise, what should be done?

1. The reason why rabbits are not oestrus

The reason why rabbits are not oestrus

Rabbits are animals that have very strong fertility. However, not all rabbits are like that. Sometimes rabbits do not have arousal is also the case. So what is the cause here?

  • The female rabbit is too fat or too thin. In this case, care should be taken to keep the female rabbit in a moderate sense when feeding and caring.
  • In winter, female rabbits lack light and green vegetables and foods that lack vitamin A. When winter is warm, increase the amount of exercise for female rabbits. Combining external sunbathing, stimulating the pituitary to release hormones. Promotes metabolism and provides plenty of carrots, cabbage leaves, pumpkins and other green and freshwater foods rich in vitamin A.
  • Causes of physiology or disease. Vaginal deformities, fallopian tubes and stillbirths in the uterus. These rabbits should be removed promptly.

2. Breeding time of rabbits

Breeding time of rabbits

First, only sexually mature rabbits can be sexually active. So when do rabbits mature sexually? According to a veterinarian’s research, this is related to age, feeding, body type and species. In general, rabbits that are raised for more than 3 months can be oestrus. But there are also children about 5-6 months. So it is not easy to see if the rabbits are months old.

In general, male and female rabbits are in the spring around February – April. And the fall of September – November has the strongest and most frequent sexual desire.

Male rabbits are basically all year round. Male rabbits show signs of estrus anytime, anywhere with different rabbits, different animals. Including cats and dogs … But usually, if rabbits are kept separately, the frequency will decrease because there are no objects. The cycle of female rabbits is not fixed, usually 8 – 15 days. It lasts for 3 – 30 days and there are cases that last for half a year or longer.

3. What to do if rabbits show no signs of oestrus?

The reason why rabbits are not oestrus

For female rabbits in addition to taking proper care and feeding measures, the following measures can be taken to promote estrus and conception.

  • Using herbs to stimulate pregnancy. Mix 10g of grass, 25g of black beans, boil water for 20 to 30 minutes, mix. Give rabbits continuously for 3-5 days.
  • Hormones, you can use pregnant horse serum and other injectable drugs, the success rate is more than 85%.
  • Contact with the opposite gender. For female rabbits, put the female rabbit in the male rabbit cage at 8 am to allow the male to flirt.
  • Or put male and female rabbits in a cage, let them play for 1-2 hours. Then take the female rabbit out. After 5-6 hours there will be estrus signs. If not, do it again. In addition, for false pregnant rabbits, dual breeding and mating should be used as much as possible during estrus.


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