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Cats have been domesticated for thousands of years. There are many traits of cats that have been discovered. Understanding cats’ habits and habits helps us take better care of cats. Thereby adding to love these four-legged friends.

1. The findings are widely known

The findings are widely known

Landscape cats (domestic cats or wild cats) are pure carnivores. It was not until the end of the 20th century that European scientists discovered this feature.

In the past, people often thought cats were color blind. But many studies show that cats can distinguish red and green.

According to paleontologists, cats and dogs have the same ancestors. If you look deeply, even humans share common ancestors with cats.

When cats detect food, they often taste a small part. Then decide whether or not to continue eating based on the body’s reactions.

2. Can cats recognize themselves in a mirror?

A group of scientists conducted experiments on dozens of animals. As a result, only a few species can identify themselves. Includes dolphins, chimpanzees, crows … Cats and dogs belong to a group of species that don’t recognize themselves.

Can cats recognize themselves in a mirror?

According to the researchers, being able to recognize images reflects animals’ sense of self. That means that species has a high IQ. But aren’t cats the most personality animals? The characteristics of this cat are recognized by many cat owners. In fact: when a cat looks in the mirror, he will think it’s another cat.

3. Cats are natural psychotherapy

Cats are natural psychotherapy

Pet farming has many benefits for human health. This has been scientifically proven. For cat owners, frequent stroking and talking to cats is a mental medicine. Help reduce anxiety, stress, stabilize blood pressure, and prevent depression.

But for cats, they also feel relaxed. The expression of relaxation are small wheezes emanating from the cat’s chest. Help prolong their life.

4. Characteristics of cats with 1 no 2

Characteristics of cats with 1 no 2

According to one study, women are more likely to win over cats’ feelings than men. Because female voices often have appropriate frequencies. Cats are species with sensitive hearing, which makes them very pleasant. In contrast, the harsh, rough voice of men makes them feel more offensive.

However, if cats are raised by a young man, they tend to depend more. As for the women around, they will be very alert.

People distinguish each other by fingerprints. In cats, each cat has its own nose pattern. On microscopic examination, there are a lot of veins on the nose and not flat. There are never 2 cats in the world in the world. It’s like never having two leaves the same.

5. Character of kittens

Character of kittens

When taking care of newborn kittens, they will instinctively look for a breast. When you find a breast full of milk, kittens will mark it again. For later it is easy to find again. At the same time avoid having to fight with its brothers.

If you clean the breasts of your mother’s cat, kittens will be confused because you cannot find familiar places. They will fight to divide the position again. But this behavior will gradually disappear after about 2 weeks.

Kittens sleep an average of 16-18 hours a day, and the smaller the cat, the more she sleeps. The reason is that when kittens sleep, a hormone will be released to stimulate the body to grow. When cats mature, they sleep a lot because they like it.

6. Cats and dogs are very different

Research shows that cats can withstand temperatures up to 55 ° C. They rarely suffer from heat shock or sun damage. But to do this, cats need to drink enough water. This is a feature of wild cats that have been passed down for generations. Help them overcome harsh situations. Meanwhile, dogs are very susceptible to thermal shock if the temperature is too high.

Cats and dogs are very different

For domestic cats that regularly eat dry seeds, the amount of water supplied must be greater. Water not only helps cats to relax but also reduces the risk of kidney stones and urinary tract.

Cats and dogs have different diets. Wild cats hunt very often, but their predators are mostly small animals. Meanwhile, the dogs have quite a large stomach. After each meal, they can fast for a few days.

Similarly, domestic cats often eat a lot of meals. But only eat very little each meal. Especially the cat’s energy needs are higher than dogs. Many cat owners feel that their cats are always hungry.



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