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Yellow teeth, bad breath, swollen gums are signs that your dog’s teeth are having problems. Solving this situation is not easy. Causing trouble for the owner. Dog toothpaste, tooth cleaning gel, spray, which works best? Which type is easy to use?

1. Some information about dog’s teeth

Adult dog dogs have a total of 42 teeth. Split into fangs, incisors and molars. The function of teeth includes puncture, bite off and crushing of food. The outermost layer of the tooth is called enamel, which cannot be regenerated. Dog saliva is not acidic, it is not conducive to bacterial growth. Therefore dogs are less likely to have cavities than people.

Healthy teeth are important for dog health. Help them easily bite and digest food. If the teeth are sick, dogs often give up eating, eat less. Resulting in malnutrition, health decline. In addition to nutritional deficiencies, cavities can also lead to many other serious diseases.

To protect dogs’ teeth, veterinarians recommend proper diets. And regularly use oral cleaning products. Remove plaque and leftovers, prevent dog tooth decay.

2. Teeth protection for dogs

Teeth protection for dogs

Dog teeth are sick, if left untreated, can lead to loose teeth and tooth loss. Accompanying festering sores in the oral cavity. At this time, the dog is very upset, often giving up eating. Effect on nutrient absorption ability. The coat also loses its sleek appearance.

Serious cases can cause complications, osteoarthritis. As a precaution, it is best to give your dog regular dental checkups. Each year bleaching 1-2 times. If a dog regularly eats soft foods, more countries will have to check their teeth more often.

These foods are easy to crumble, easily caught in the teeth. Facilitates bacteria to multiply and cause dental disease. Meanwhile, hard food has a rubbing effect on teeth, cleansing plaque, and less debris. Can feed dogs regularly.

3. Try dog’s oral hygiene products

Try dog’s oral hygiene products

Experimental team used 5 dogs of the varieties: Border Collie, Pug, Poodle, Golden. Each child has different dental conditions. They used 5 types of dog cleaning products within 7 days.

After using cleaning products, within half an hour do not feed or drink. This helps keep toothpaste / sprays that can stay long in the oral cavity. Achieving the best antiseptic, deodorizing effect.

The team will compare product components and efficacy on each animal. Thereby giving the characteristics of each product.

4. Experimental results

  • Petio’s toothpaste: Combine with daily dog ​​toothbrush. Effectively reduce symptoms of gingivitis, hemorrhage. Can remove part of plaque on teeth.
  • Antibacterial spray of Petio plaque: convenient to use but uncomfortable for dogs. There is no high effect on long-formed plaque. Can be used to prevent new plaque formation.
  • Fresh Breath Deodorant for dogs Fresh Breath: easy to use for both owners and dogs. Has the effect of reducing swelling and swelling, reducing the smell and smell. For tartar also has a good improvement effect.
  • Oral hygiene foam deodorant for Fresh Breath dogs: has the effect of protecting teeth, clear mouth odor. But not effective with plaque on teeth.
  • Aromatic mouth spray for Petio dogs: simple to use. But dogs don’t seem to like spray. The effect of clear mouth odor. For plaque only has a control effect, cannot be removed.


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