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1. Plan a suitable diet

Samoyed dog is a working dog, attracting people to look by the snow-white fur. In order for the Samoyed dog not to gain weight, control their eating scientifically. If you are obese, go on a diet.

Weight loss is achieved through controlling the amount of calories in food. Therefore, it is possible to use pet foods with low calorie content. Or reduce the amount of food available now. Try it a few times before determining your final meal plan. Selected eating plans should be done at least for two weeks. Then base on the effectiveness to gradually reduce food.

The dog’s weight loss plan is done for 12-14 weeks. Daily calories are equivalent to 40% of the amount needed to maintain a target weight. Divide the amount of food each day into 2 – 3 small parts. This can reduce hunger. Moreover, there may be enough time to digest each meal.

Plan a suitable diet

During a weight loss period, pets will definitely feel very hungry. No matter how much they want to eat, extremely pitiful expressions do not give in. This principle must also be clear to neighbors and family members.

2. Periodically check how much weight the Samoyed dog weighs

Periodically check how much weight the Samoyed dog weighs

It is recommended to follow the detailed schedule according to your pet’s weight loss plan. Once a week weigh once, preferably at the same time on the same day of the week and use the same scale. Write their time and weight into a chart to see the change. This can increase your confidence and motivation.

Be careful to observe the pet’s expression, periodically rubbing the body’s fat area. Consult your veterinarian regularly to determine if you need to adjust your weight loss plan.

3. Participate in more advocacy

Although for most animals, relying only on movement, it is impossible to lose weight. However, it is still advisable to increase the amount of exercise. Absolutely do not force a serious overweight dog to exercise excessively. This can cause their heart, liver and lungs to be under excessive pressure. For dogs that aim to lose 25% of their weight each day, take them slowly. Take care not to let them not to feed outside or to beg for neighbors.

4. Prevent weight gain again

Don’t step on the dump, restore the habit of overeating. Instead, adjust the menu according to the amount of activity. Usually Samoyed dogs weigh from 16-20kg, male dogs weigh 20 – 30kg is most suitable. However, there may be differences, but the level is not too high.




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