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1. What is sand bathing for hamsters?

What is sand bathing for hamsters?

Bath sand is made of Silica material. Although eating must not digest, but follow the intestine excreted. Moreover, Sillica seeds are not ordinary sand. They are very slippery, the inside is also mixed with lubricating powder. That’s why hamsters eat right.

2. How to choose sand bath for Hamster mice

How to choose sand bath for Hamster mice

Ordinary bath sand is also a kind of grain sand. This type of sand is low price, there are many manufacturers. Sillica sand products can be counted as bath sand at the basic level. Usually only about ten thousand / kg. This is the choice of many new adopters. Actually, you should not use this type of bath sand, because the inside contains a lot of flavorings. Nobody knows whether it is safe or not. Veterinarians do not recommend buying a sand bath with aromatherapy. This type of bath sand will be added some aromatic seeds, look beautiful and smell very fragrant.

Why not buy this sand? Because there are cases that mice will eat them. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your pet, definitely do not buy this type. Hamster rats mostly use small bath sand or use volcanic ash. In fact, it is better to call it a “bath nut”.

Hamster breeders can use sand baths for Chinchilla. Because these two types are easy to relieve oil, sand bath will help them clean but there are also disadvantages that are very dusty. Can be used to mix debris and sand grains. Particle sand is a large grain sand, Hamster Bear can use this type. But it is best not to use it because they will release saliva, encouraging the use of mixed sand.

3. How to bathe Hamster mouse

How to bathe Hamster mouse
  • Gently hold the mouse up and place them in the prepared “bath”. Although they do not bathe, most of them will dig sand.
  • For the first time, there was no need to use a sand bath. Can gently spread sand on the back of the mouse, they will sand themselves on the body. Repeat a few times to get used to, you have to trust your love mouse. Their learning ability is very strong. But it should be noted that only a little should be spread, spread through many of them will feel offensive. Also avoid making sand fall into your eyes. The more you cannot pour sand on the mouse.
  • Wait for the mouse to learn how to remove sand and lick the hair after taking a bath and then gently use it with your hand in front of Hamster. Normally, they will spread two small claws, so gently bring your hands down. Move left, right. This claw of Hamster mouse and your hand still tied together. Then gently pull your hand back, letting the mouse roll itself in the sand. Do a few times Hamster will feel “happy” when rolling in the sand. And very quickly will wash yourself.


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