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Dogs are very familiar with humans, but they are also susceptible to being sick if not properly cared for. When sick, dogs are often very high fever, so if there are no effective way to reduce fever for dogs can lead to dangerous consequences to life. So let’s find out through the article below.

1. When the dog is sick


– Symptom
Little cough, runny nose and tears, red eyelids, may cough dry. Also, if you see a thick nasal discharge, it is a sign that the dog is infected.

– Treatment:
Give dogs easy to digest, immediately add vitamins B and C
Squeeze eye drops and nose several times a day for dogs.
If you want to cure by folk can the price of cilantro, perilla, basil squeeze juice and give the dog a drink every day.
When you see too much runny nose, wheezing should be given acemuc or bisolvo to make sputum.

2. When the dog is seriously ill


In case of severe illness, the dog will have a very high fever (over 40 degrees C) with signs of shortness of breath, severe cough and thirst. These events are usually complications about 2 weeks after the dog does not recover during a mild illness.

– Treatment
In this stage the dog is very easy to die so you should go to the vet to have effective treatment.
Give dogs antibiotics to treat bronchitis, pneumonia … Amoxycillin or zinnat can be used at high doses of about 30-50mg / kg to avoid drug.
Regular dog cleaning, bactericidal to avoid the spread or bacteria grow strong.


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