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How to raise ornamental pigs during the period from birth to 1 month. This is a difficult problem for those who love this pet species. Because of this period the ornamental pigs need to be cared for by a special regime.

1.Take care of ornamental pigs from 0-4 weeks of age

Even though pigs are extremely intelligent, they are still alive and innate. But if you want to make the little pig become a pet, it is not easy. If you want to choose ordinary pigs to become pets, you can choose mini pigs.

Take care of ornamental pigs from 0-4 weeks of age

Baby piglets from 0 to 4 weeks of age can feed whole cream milk powder. Each meal is about 2-3 tablespoons of milk powder mixed into 100cc cow’s milk. You can add a small spoon of butter or a raw egg yolk to add nutrients.

Many people who raise ornamental pigs say that they cannot drink cow’s milk like humans. Because nutrition ingredients are not the same as mother’s milk. However, according to the experience of many ornamental pig farmers, it is not possible to detect a bad reaction when using cow’s milk. You can rest assured for pigs to drink.

2. Nourish pigs from 4 to 6 weeks of age

After 4 weeks of age can continue to feed small pigs to eat whole milk powder. Serve about 2 tablespoons of milk powder and reduce the amount of cow’s milk in solution for pigs to drink. This is called “artificial milk”. The goal is to train the digestive system of pig sight for solid food.

Nourish pigs from 4 to 6 weeks of age

After 6 weeks of age, pet pigs can be fed solid food in small amounts. It is also possible to start feeding foods such as fruits and vegetables … When feeding a new food to a pig, the offspring may encounter some problems. When detecting feces of young offspring with an incomplete shape that is quite loose, take it quickly to the veterinarian.

The ornamental pig after being 1 month old can feed solid food completely. Pigs are omnivores so food needs to include vegetables, fruits and animal proteins. For example, chicken, beef, young cucumber … can balance nutrition. Make sure that young piglets develop healthy.

3. Some common diseases when raising ornamental pigs

Flu and cough are a common disease when breeding pigs. This disease can last a year and 4 seasons. So what are the symptoms of pigs in coughing and flu? How should farmers handle it?

Some common diseases when raising ornamental pigs

When the pigs produce symptoms such as cough, in the eyes, the nose has mucus discharge, body temperature up to 40 – 42 ° C, rapid breathing … the owner should quickly bring to the doctor for diagnosis guess. The doctor will measure the body temperature of the preceding pig and diagnose the condition through the respiratory system of the ornamental pig.

Then consider the level and then use the injection method or take medicine to treat. After taking home, care should be taken to observe 2-3 more days. If the situation of the ornamental pig has not yet changed well, it should be quickly returned to the doctor.

In the case of unusually colored feces or liquid form, it is necessary to provide pigs with clean food and water. If the pig’s droppings are always in liquid form, quickly take the pigs to the doctor for treatment. Avoid leading to more dangerous diseases.



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