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Do male dogs have sex? The answer is yes, but the male dog does not usually care or pay attention, but if you look carefully, the male dog also has a period of sexual development, and in this period they also have changes. certain changes, especially about their personalities.

We are still more concerned about estrus in bitches and less attention to this situation on male dogs. Therefore, this article would like to share the most recognizable signs when male dogs give sex to help readers better understand.

1. The severity of males’ dogs when it comes to sex

If you are raising a male dog to the age of libido, you can observe how it is aggressive with other males when playing with a bitch. If there is more than one male dog near the oestrous bitch, you will see that they are more aggressive with each other to prove that they are the rulers, entitled to mate with bitches.

Male dogs once develop more appearances of communicating with each other by howling and excited. When not near or without bitches, males in the sex period will show signs of anxiety, often whining or stimulating altitudes.

Besides, not all but most female bitches that are not close to dogs often appear excess semen that we can easily observe. These expressions need to be combined with physical changes in male dogs. Therefore, this is not simple and is easily confused with the sexual crisis in animals.

2. Interaction between male and female dogs

You can bring your male dog to a bitch and observe its behavior. If the “guy” licks and smells the bitch’s pussy, he can confirm that he is sexually active. At the moment, if only a bitch’s agreement is in place, you will jump right away.

However, the smell behind is also a very normal and common manifestation of dogs, they simply do so only to recognize each other. So, you need to comprehensively analyze and make a question about whether or not your dog actually has reached sexual maturity, how often does your dog treat other bitches?
If you have a couple of male and female dogs, they don’t often play together and you are suspicious of the male dog and can keep it with the chain. Then, bringing it back to the bitch, one of the 2 children will become more aggressive if they are not yet in the estrus period.

There is not much to say about sex like a bitch. Male dogs that have sex when they are old enough have only a few recognizable signs. You can refer to the information above and make a conclusion about whether your puppy is a young man or not!



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