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Short-haired British cats are also called British short-haired cats, British Shorthair. Is one of the most cultured ornamental cats in the world. In CFA’s Cat show competitions, short-haired British cats often account for large numbers.

1. History of British short-haired cats

Short-haired British cats have a long history. In ancient Rome, big cats were chosen to hunt rats and animals that were harmful to agriculture. With their capabilities, they are very popular among farmers.

Later, people found out that this breed, despite its grim appearance, is very friendly. Moreover, it is very static and independent. So more and more people started raising them as pets.

In 1871, the exhibition of cat breeds was first held at Crystal Palace, London, England. A 14-year-old female cat with striped fur has won the championship. This is also the first time British breed cat competes in Cat show competitions.

2. CFA standards

Currently, the short-haired cat breed has reached a very high level of purity. The number is also very large and accounts for a large number of competitions.

CFA standards

In Vietnam, the most popular coat color is blue-gray, white-pink, white-gray gray … In the world, British cats have a variety of colors such as brown gold, striped stripes, smoky gray, white, silvery brown. … Although there are many colors recognized, but at the CFA Cat show, they are required to follow a uniform standard.

Contestants need to understand British breed standards and judges’ judging. Thereby understand how much your cat is. There are ways to improve. These are very important for cat breeders and cat owners.

3.Standard for short-haired British cats

For each breed, CFA has its own set of standards. Which regulates color, body shape, size. For British short-haired cats, grading will be based on the following criteria:

  • Head (25 points): forehead nose mouth (5 points), pattern on the forehead (5 points),
  • ear (5 points), nape (5 points), eye shape (5 points).
  • Body (35 points): body (20 points), legs and claws (10 points), tail (5 points).
  • Feather (20 points): based on the gloss, length and thickness of the coat.
  • Color (20 points): eye color (5 points), coat color (15 points).

Overall, British cats have strong body frames. The proportion between the parts is a very strong cat breed. They have thick bodies, large chests, relatively short and strong legs. The feet are round, the tail is thick. Body length balanced with back length.
The ears are broad, the ears are large, straight at 45 °. Head and face round, cheeks chubby, broad forehead. The eyes are both large and round, the nose is relatively short. Short-haired British cats must have short, thick fur. Female cats have a smaller percentage of organs than male cats. Adult male cats have a clear full face, very thick cheeks.

4. The playing age of British cats is short

The playing age of British cats is short

British cats have a very long maturity. For complete development, it takes up to 3-5 years. This also means that the best age to compete is about 5 years old.

However, the short-haired cat is fully mature and often has quite high territorial character. It is very difficult for them to feel reassured if the competition has the smell of another cat. For referees, scoring will become difficult when the cat does not cooperate.

Therefore, in competitions, it is very rare to see mature male cats or advanced age. Experts say that cats should not be placed in cages to compete before scoring. It is best to stay behind the wings, wait until the turn is taken.



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