Symptoms and treatment when the Socio has a cold

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Squirrels are beautiful animals but they are very susceptible or sick due to inappropriate temperatures.
Squirrels are more suitable for indoor breeding because the temperature will be slightly higher outside. Natural squirrels are also often in tree holes, there are straws in the interior to reduce the cold but the number in the wild is also decreasing because of harsh conditions.

1. Signs of Soc catching a cold

Cold squirrels also have their own recognizable signs. You can easily observe. These signs are the same as when people have colds. Specifically, red eyes, swelling, continuous sneezing, runny nose … In more severe cases, baby squirrels may shed tears, craving for sleep, losing weight, being lazy and having trouble breathing.

In particular, this is a highly contagious disease. After contacting a cold Squirrel, wash your hands with soap. Or in the process of trying to keep a safe distance. Take care to keep the accommodation well-ventilated to avoid cold air.

Signs of a cold with a cold are almost the same as when they are allergic. Therefore, it is easy to confuse. If you are unsure about these signs, you need to identify the cause first. After that, give the appropriate treatment. Ask your veterinarian for help before using the medicine for Squirrel. Do not let them drink arbitrarily.

2. Treatment for colds

When detecting a cold squirrel, you need to pay attention to the living space of Soc. Maintain room temperature in a well-ventilated room. Do not overheat and avoid moisture. Avoid spreading bacteria that can spread disease to other people or pets. The temperature varies from 20-22 degrees. The following drugs can then be used:

*The base plate (blue root root) is a oriental medicine. This drug enhances the resistance to squirrels. Drinking the base plate does not directly treat cold squirrels. It helps to improve self-resistance. After that will repel the cold that recovers health quickly.
*Amoxicillin: This is an antibiotic. The phenomenon of white runny nose is a severe cold. If it lasts, Soc will have a risk of pneumonia. The use of antibiotics to fight bacteria prevents infection. In fact, this step is for monitoring symptoms. If there is no change in the next day, it is very difficult to cure.

When using the medicine you need to pay attention to the dose. This is one of the very important steps. If you give Soc too much to drink, they can die immediately. Especially Amoxicillin antibiotics. It can cause many side effects and allergies if used improperly.

3. Things to keep in mind when caring for colds

When squirrels start sneezing and accompanied by runny nose for more than a day. Give them medication and follow up for 3 days. During this time, absolutely do not give him milk to avoid irritating their intestines. Use warm water for squirrels to drink and keep their places warm.

The use of antibiotics as mentioned above can cause many complications. In the event of an allergy, supplement Soc with Vitamin C. After treatment, you can give Soc supplements by adding yogurt to them. Enhance the activity of beneficial bacteria in Squirrel intestine.

Thus, with the signs and treatments for the cold squirrel above will help your squirrel quickly recover. Good luck