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1. The location of the most beautiful garden Koi pond

Lake Koi fish should be placed in a place with bright sunlight during the day. Location from the south to the southeast of the house is most appropriate. The temperature of the fish pond will increase due to sunlight. Koi fish are warm water fish, the right temperature to breed them is 18 – 28 ° C. Where 20 – 25 ° C is the most suitable. Sunlight can help Koi fish colors become more vivid. At the same time it can also prevent bacteria from reproducing in fish ponds and make fish grow healthy.

Because Koi fish have many types and are mainly for ornamental purposes, it is necessary to select the location of the aquarium according to the size and shape of the yard. Especially, you should not leave the corner far from the house. It is best to be about 60 – 70cm from the house. From this distance it was possible to watch the Koi fish with the family from inside through the glass window.

According to the medical doctor, with some enthusiasts raising fish, they still built about 1/3 of the aquarium in the house. Part of the floor is made of transparent tempered glass to be able to watch the fish. For these aquariums, winter can be used as a shelter for Koi fish. In rainy days, the fish can be shielded without using the umbrella. If the Koi fish encounters an unusual situation, you can find them immediately.

2. Prohibited things when building Koi fish lake

Do not build tanks with closed spaces, deep caves and alleys. In a deep aquarium certainly there is a lot of garbage. Waste decomposition will affect water quality. At the same time, it directly affects the physiological state of Koi fish.

Koi fish raised in such an environment are very harmful to health. Broken bricks, the sharp edges of the U-shaped trough and the roots of large trees easily damage the skin of the Koi fish. Whenever they see someone or hear footsteps, the Koi fish will panic and escape to a hidden place. These relatively hidden places have many harmful things. In a stable aquarium, healthy Koi fish should be swimming around the lake in groups.

Aquatic plants are also not encouraged. Every time you spray salt or medicine, you must remove the aquatic plants. Otherwise the plants will die. Due to excessive salt content or drug-related problems. Moreover, this is also an obstacle when putting Koi fish out. It is not beneficial for aquatic plants. It is very labor intensive and will dirty the aquarium.

Today, hydroponics is very popular. However, when Koi fish are sick, they need to be taken out to disinfect the pool. Also consider that aquatic plants may contain pathogenic bacteria. So it is not suitable to put them in the lake after no longer fresh green. If you are still a tree lover, you can plant them in other containers and put them outside your garden Koi aquarium is the best.

3. Some notes when designing garden Koi aquarium

Avoid exposure to the sun: Because summer temperatures are often too high. If there is strong sunlight, plant trees. Or use a cover to shield the fish in the shade. You should replace new water, prevent the increase in water temperature and increase dissolved oxygen.

Pay attention to cleaning up the leaves: The fallen leaves are easy to block the plumbing. And rotten leaves will greatly reduce oxygen and is a breeding ground for bacteria. You should move deciduous trees to a further place. If you have difficulty moving, you must constantly remove fallen leaves as they float on the water. If you don’t pay attention to the aesthetics, you can also use a cover.

Minimize trouble: With garden Koi ponds near the area where there are many people passing by, to prevent people from throwing stones or gravel into the aquarium when no one is watching, or even dropping the fishing line, then It is best to build a fence. Or plant vines to avoid everyone’s peeking.



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