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Cats are not like dogs in their lifestyles, habits and even how to guide them to understand and follow. When you have to deal with anything in order to get things done, for the first time, the reality and the patience are the keys. This is no exception to raising a cat.

In this article the veterinarian will learn how to train the cats not to bite in the panic, or to increase the joke too much! Also, do not try to force your children to do what they want, as this may make them feel “embarrassed” or too tired to absorb that desire.

1.Cause cats bite and bother you all day

If the cat is “raised” with play, play, struggle, in about 5 minutes; Your job is to shorten that time (3 minute increments are allowed). Also, if she feels scared when you do not allow her to do so, this is perfectly suited to the inherent instinct of the cat, so remember not to grab your neck off the corner and then ask “Why? You bite me? ”

If you do that then they will continue to bite because they are “self-defense” by the instincts of cats.

When you are alert to you when you are growing up, he will have the following expression: the ears are down, breaking down; The eyes are alert and staring at you, the tail begins to crawl, swinging fast.

It’s like half-jokingly, wanting to bite but just want to break into the bush. And of course you would say “let go …” “stop,” and if you get angry, move on to an unpleasant sensation, then suddenly your brother will scrounge, take a break and ask for “Drop me a raaaa”.

If your cat is living a “self” is familiar, do not wrap strangers, do not expect that they are not biting strangers when they move.

Hard to do, so what do we need to do “right”?

2. Cat toys – the perfect solution

With no cats training when playing, it is equally easy for both cats and kittens. In case your cat is too old and has a habit of biting, it just depends on whether you are persistent or not, and even big cats or cats are all the same, just enough to love them. do they understand?

Cat toys are one of the best ways to remind your cat not to bite, scratch, or pick you up as a “prey” every time an attack rises. It also helps cats love to play alone near you.

With a cat toy will help you play with your feet, not your claws. So pure and careful even when playing with you will be aware of that.

Let them play the same game as the toy stick. In this process you praise him when he has a gentle attitude with the goal in the stick

Continue to increase the speed of the stick to create more excitement for cats. Dreams stick to the attitude of the boss. If you have a non-empty expression, start swishing and teeth, then lower the level quickly, and turn on the “die hard” keep the stick is still offline.

This will help her learn to calm down right away.

If the cat obeys the rules, I will continue to play with the stick.

If you do not listen, do not keep calm even when the stick is screaming, the game must continue, but to a very slow level. And notice the claws until it recedes to a new level.

3.  Train the cat not to bite

If the cat bites or scratches on your friend, call out “hurt!” Absolutely, get up and leave and ignore him. Special cats are excited about playing this game. It just helps you train the cat in a gentle way, again the wild psychology in the cat always.

Because cats are predators, they are wild, so besides teaching the cat not to bite you, you also have to prepare something that he or she is allowed to bite and bite. Although we still eat enough, the cat’s hunting instinct can not disappear.

There are many options for this type of cat, depending on the owner. You can buy lures on the floor or lace on high, hanging up some corner, making your cat look at that toy to make you feel excited, then you ignore him to play himself. then go elsewhere. You can find a variety of pet shops.

Returning to cat training, stealing, or stealing: The owner should spend 15 minutes a day playing cat sticks with him.

If he or she does not listen to you attacking you, get a spray (small potty spray or window) spray on the baby. To spray a few drops of water into the body, do not spray the person, spray and water also reminded the cat “not to do that”

Repetition will make the baby become a habit. So be the patience to love the way love the way civilized people love animals

Good luck !


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