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Birdwatching techniques for good vocals must be extremely patient in the practice, sometimes even months, even five birds singing.

Welcome crest is a popular bird in Asia, like living in the garden, trees. With a taste for eating ripe fruits and insects, it is an easy to breed bird. But how to have the birds to say good singing or that is the problem.

1.How to choose birds crested Welcome

When choosing the bird must choose the nimble bird, nimble gesture. Right knee, long, body also long, shoulders, chest spread out with the middle of the chest is often loud lung birds. Remember the crested birds have thin mouth, short new song.

Birds are good to have large roots, when the crest of the crest is crested straight from the top down the neck. Big black bibs with the same color as the thicker the better. The cheeks are evenly separated from the cheekbones. Vulnerable to birds singing loud and clear. Hunchback shrimps shrimps, wings are neat, wings do not close to close close to each other. The thighs are long and pointed. Long tail and folded into a stem.

2. Bird Creation Technique

For the new bird to catch, so the birds need several months to reassure, so you need to really patience in farming techniques. Initially, it was necessary to cover the cage with a small amount of cage, but it was necessary to allow a small slit so that it was familiar to the captive environment and then increase the hatching time as the birds adapted.

After a few months of captivity, birds begin to get used to the new environment. You need to give the birds more exposure by bathing birds, hanging cages in many places … Each time you feed your little one, to clean up for more food. You have to make it understand that every time you come near is just for feeding, gradually it will feel you are not dangerous, even it may be happy to see you. To do so, another 3-5 months is that it is relatively bold.

You also need to note that when bathing birds need to be bathing birds every day, if busy, one bath a day. Winter 1 to 2 times a week and remember to add warm water. Bathe a few drops of salt and carefully lick 1.2 drops of lemon to kill anger on the hair.

3. Nutrition for birds Welcome crest

About the bird feeder Welcome birds are the fruit eaters, especially the main types are bananas, papaya, steamed carrots, strawberries, mangoes.

Banana contains vitamins A, B, C … Helps the bird to digest well, intestinal bacteria. The fruit is enough to be a pigment for the birds, helping the birds change their hair quickly, with a smooth coat and especially the red part of the cheeks and anus is greatly improved.

Apples contain hydrogen peroxide, apple gluten, and large amounts of calcium to help balance excess salts in the bird’s body. The fiber in apples helps with diarrhea and colloids that help to eliminate toxic substances in the bird’s body. Apples help the birds stretch the fire quickly.

Cam is a fruit with many vitamain C enhances immunity, it also treats coughs very well. Giving creamy orange creamy, quick change of hair, to help the hatching rate of eggs higher.

4.How to raise birds Welcome crests or

Weekly several times, we should bring the birds to birds singing clubs, or have bird gathering by some artists organized … so that birds have the opportunity to “learn” the tone of other birds that enrich for his chanting voice. If you meet hands “rival rats”, birds will be engrossed in the voice for hours, making the bird up, back home singing …


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