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1. Light is very important to maintain a beautiful aquarium

Light is very important to maintain a beautiful aquarium

Whether an aquarium fish tank, outdoor or indoor mini-aquarium, light will have a direct effect. First, the aquarium needs to be protected from direct sunlight for long periods of time. It should be placed in a cool and damp place.

Light is the source of all life in a beautiful natural aquarium. It involves not only the entire ecological balance but also the fact that natural colors can exist. Lack of light for a long time will make aquatic plants unable to perform photosynthesis. It will become dry. Every day aquarium fish need to be illuminated for 8-10 hours. But light should not be too strong or too weak. This is the most basic knowledge about maintaining tanks and aquariums.

2. Regularly check the aquarium

Regularly check the aquarium

Need to regularly check the water level in the tank to promptly supplement. The amount of water evaporated causes water to lose, you need to check to keep the initial water level. Check if the device is in good condition, water temperature and maintain proper  temperature for the fish.

Check the health of fish, mainly to see if the fish has symptoms of any disease. In addition, maintenance work is carried out every 1-2 weeks. Mainly includes water exchange, only 20% to 25% of water changes at a time. Combine cleaning of the dirt collected from the foam separator. Replace filter cotton. Maintenance tasks require you to be extremely careful. If you do this well, the vet believes there will be no major problems. Your aquarium will always make sure the fish stay healthy.

3. Note in feeding ornamental fish

Note in feeding ornamental fish

Finally, in feeding, it is necessary to feed fish regularly with a certain amount. It is best to feed twice a day. This ensures every fish can get food. You can add some biological pigments during the feeding process. This can lead fish to the surface of the water.

Note not to use the same primer for a long time. Otherwise, it will cause imbalance in the nutrients of aquatic organisms and affect fish health.

These are beautiful daily maintenance techniques for fish tanks. In fact, it only takes a few minutes a day and only takes 1 or 2 hours per week to maintain the aquarium. You can take good care of the health of the fish. If you have your own aquarium, act now to develop healthy fish. Combined with a certain decorative pattern, your indoor aquarium will be extremely eye-catching and impressive.



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