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Red G.rose Spider is a ornamental spider belonging to the Tarantula spider family. Red G.rose is characterized by a red coat covering the entire body. In the world, this spider is very popular for pets. Especially European and American countries.

When raising spiders Red G.rose, what players are most interested in is their lifespan. And the way to take care of spiders.

1. Why is Red G.rose spider popular?

Why is Red G.rose spider popular?

Red G.rose Spider (Grammostola rosea) is also known as Chilean Rose Tarantula. Derived from the desert and bushes in Chile. The Red G.rose spider has a beautiful color with red orange or dark red undercoat. Especially the head and chest are purple, extremely attractive.

Red G.rose spider’s toxicity is extremely low, not dangerous to people. Their personality is also very gentle, can be picked up and carried on hand. This is why this spider is so popular.

Red G.rose has a shorter maturity than most Tarantula spiders. Moreover, it is very easy to raise, less sick. Is one of the scene spiders suitable for new players.

2. Life of Red G.rose Spider

In nature, if the environment is favorable, the average spider’s life span of Red G.rose is about 12 years. But their lifespan is influenced by many factors such as habitat, diet, care …

Life of Red G.rose Spider

For ornamental spiders raised in the family, the life span of female spiders can be up to 20 years. But on the condition that they are nurtured and cared for scientifically. There are cases in the world where spiders live for 30 years. The female spider lives longer than the male spider.

Red G.rose spider habitat is desert, they prefer dry environment, average humidity of 40-60%. The temperature is about 25-27 ° C. Cages should have a base to simulate the natural environment of spiders.

When temperatures change in summer and winter, farmers must pay attention to keeping the spider warm and cool. Suitable environment is sufficient for spiders to grow and develop.

3. Red G.rose spider’s diet

Let the Red G.rose spider spider have good health and long life, the diet plays an important role. Their main food is insects such as crickets, ground cockroaches, grasshoppers … worms, lizards and small mammals.

Red G.rose spider’s diet

Pay attention to diversify foods. Don’t let the spider spider eat food that is difficult to digest and absorb. Pressure on the digestive system. Do not allow living bait too large, can cause damage to spiders. According to many veterinarians, the best food for Red G.rose is crickets grown in vegetables. Help provide enough water for spiders.

The scene of Red G.rose has a good ability to starve. After eating well, they may not eat for 4-6 months. But it is best to feed 1-2 times a week. With baby spiders is 2 times a day.



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