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Cats with colds are one of the most common diseases when weather changes and seasons change. Every time you fall into this situation, just like a pet person will feel extremely tired. If the treatment is not timely can lead to more serious disease. Especially in cats.

Cats have the flu, cold is one of the causes of pneumonia, rhinitis, fever … When developing to this stage, the disease will be extremely complex and difficult to treat. Therefore, the owner should pay close attention to this issue. In the article below, bacsithuy.org will show you the causes, signs and how to treat colds in cats.

1.Causes cats to catch a cold

Cats can catch a cold due to virus or cold. When the body of a kitten is weak, a bad health condition can create an opportunity for the virus to attack. After entering the body these objects will reduce the immunity of the cat and cause illness, flu, cold.

Kittens are cold due to the sudden change of weather. The body of these four-legged friends is hard to adapt when the weather is sunny, rainy and always wet. Another case can cause cats to catch a cold. As a result of cold water bath, bathing is not dried, hit by wind, sleeping under the cold floor …

2. Symptoms when cats get cold

Cats with colds can be detected easily when observed. Some of the most common eggs are:

  • The body trembling, looks very tired
  • Stagnant, lazy and sedentary
  • Either eat or skip meals
  • Pale skin, vomiting, hypothermia
  • Feathers, eyes slurred, sneezing continuously

In some cases, cats may have diarrhea, mucous membranes and weakened eyes. To handle the best timely you should bring the cat to the clinic, the veterinary hospital to check. Some basic tests can help you better understand your kitten’s health.

3. Treatment and prevention of cats cold


Timely treatment is the best way to protect the lives of cats with colds.  Caring for them is very important. First, help the pet cat warm up the body. You can use the heating lamp in this case. Bed linen, cats’ home with warm mattress placed in the wind. Mix a little warm ginger juice to help increase body temperature. Use the drug under the guidance of a veterinarian.


To avoid cats getting cold you should have a careful care regime. In particular, vaccination is adequate to increase immunity and immunity. Regular periodic health checkups are available at reputable medical offices. Here are some other things to keep in mind:

  • Feed cats to eat a healthy diet
  • Do not shower the cat with cold water. After bathing, take a towel and dry it
  • Put your cat in a warm place
  • In the cold weather, when going out need to wear warm clothes to fight cold


Here are some information that the owner needs to know when the cat catches a cold. Through this can detect timely signs of disease. At the same time have the most appropriate treatment. Any questions you can comment below the article for help from a veterinarian.


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