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There are very good dog foods available in your home but you are sure or don’t know how well their effects are for your puppy dogs. Today we will show you 10 good foods for your dog. Let’s find out.

1. Yogurt is delicious without fear of fat

Why not fresh milk? According to veterinarians, cats and dogs cannot digest milk. The reason is that the cat’s digestive system does not absorb the lactose content in milk. However, yogurt after fermentation has formed beneficial gut bacteria.

Especially fermented yogurt with Lactobacillus strain. Has a stimulating effect on the intestinal tract of dogs. In addition, the calcium content in yogurt is higher than that of fresh milk and many other dairy products.

2. Salmon is dog food that cannot be denied

Salmon is dog food that cannot be denied

Salmon is a familiar ingredient in most dog food brands. Salmon is processed into many forms: canned meat, pate, dried nuts, raw meat. Many dog owners have a hobby of eating salmon sushi. But according to experts, dogs should not be fed raw fish.

A lot of dogs are allergic to salmon and seafood. For the first time, using salmon as a dog food needs to be cautious. Survival fish can survive parasites. Therefore, it is recommended to cook it before feeding the cat and dog the fish.

3. Homemade dog food with sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes have relatively high sugar content. For many people, the food is delicious, so is the dog. Sweet potatoes provide many important vitamins and minerals for dogs. But do not feed too much.

Processing: cut sweet potato into small pieces. Use a microwave or oven to dry. Sweet potatoes are suitable for making snacks for dogs.

4. Chicken eggs are both cheap and nutritious

Chicken eggs are both cheap and nutritious

Is it rumored that cats and dogs cannot digest chicken eggs? This is a very wrong notion. Dogs can completely absorb nutrients from chicken eggs. Whether there is intestinal weakness. Most importantly, do not feed raw eggs to dogs.

Dogs that eat raw eggs for a long time may suffer from a deficiency of H vitamins. Vitamin H is also called biotin, which is very important for hair and nails.

5. Eating apples every day, not having to see a doctor all his life

Although the sentence is somewhat exaggerated, the benefits that apples bring are enormous. In many types of dog food, especially organic food brands, all have apple ingredients. However, when feeding apples to dogs, you must remove all the apples.

Dog eating apple shells doesn’t matter, but apple nuts contain cyanide. Is a poison for both humans and dogs. Especially eating for a long time.

6. Flax seeds – natural hair conditioner

You can feed your dog flax seeds directly, or grind flour and mix it into dog food. Flaxseed is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and natural fiber. Linseed oil also works very well. Help dogs absorb nutrients more easily.

7. Pumpkins help laxative, prevent constipation

Chicken eggs are both cheap and nutritious

Pumpkin contains a lot of fiber, which enhances intestinal activity. Stimulating intestinal motility, maintaining excretion ability. Therefore, many people have a feeling of pet dogs after eating more toilet pumpkins.

Also pumpkin is rich in Beta-carotene and vitamin A. Helps strengthen the immune system, protects the skin for dogs.

8. Soy beans lose weight for dogs effectively

The more pet dogs get fat, what to do? Eat soy! Soy is a natural slimming food for dogs. The fiber in soybeans makes the dog feel faster. So reduce your appetite. Maintain an ideal body weight for dogs.

9. Beer yeast is both nutritious and delicious

Although beer is harmful, yeast has many benefits. Beer yeast contains a lot of vitamin B, which enhances metabolism in dogs. Also helps protect skin and hair, helps pet dog hair always shiny, strong.

Practically proven, adding yeast in dog food helps stimulate dogs to eat more. Suitable for picky dogs.

10. Oats – “perfect couple” with yogurt

There is no milk, how do you get oats to eat oats? We often see oats mixed with fresh milk. This is a very nutritious dish for humans. But with dogs? No need to worry, you can mix oats with yogurt.

The composition of oats helps improve the effectiveness of beneficial bacteria in yogurt. Has the effect of supporting healthy digestive system. A delicious and nutritious dish, what are you waiting for without trying today?



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