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1. How to identify live or dead turtles?

You can apply the following to check if they are alive or dead:

  • Observation: Check if turtles are alive or not, whether they are completely “immobile”. Look at sunken eye sockets, dehydrate the skin and shrink the skin, losing its elasticity and initial gloss.
  • Contact: Use your fingers or objects to touch the turtle’s limbs and other parts to check the reaction. If the turtle is in the cave, you can use strong light like a flashlight to excite.
  • Smell: What’s left after the turtle’s death will come with a stench. Mainly because the internal organs began to rot.

2.How to judge a sick turtle?

How to judge a sick turtle?
How to judge a sick turtle?

Turtles wake up in hibernation often very weak. For unhealthy turtles, if not detected in time, they can only die. Particular attention is required when raising small ornamental turtles in the winter, they are very easy to die. Therefore, increasing observation and attention to turtles during this season is extremely important. Especially crocodile turtles, red-eared turtles … Farmers should pay attention to the following points:

3. React

Turtles crawl more slowly than many animals, but they react very quickly. Water turtles are very quick, they can immediately escape from the land to rest and quickly dive into the water. The shallow turtles also quickly retreated into the future. They are very sensitive to vibrations of objects. When you work around them in the room, many situations they will also react.

4. Excrete

Tortoise excrement indicates whether their digestive system is working properly and whether the amount of feed is appropriate. If tortoise excrement becomes evenly molded, it means it is well digested.

Most sick turtles have no appetite. They also undergo the process of eating less and stop eating. Once you notice a significant change in the amount of food, you need to analyze and pay attention.

5. Bad body condition of turtle

Bad body condition of turtle
Bad body condition of turtle

Turtle disease will appear through tomorrow. Spotted tortoises appear when turtles suffer from tortoise shells. Can not even open the eyes, swollen red. The armpit skin is suddenly swollen, obvious trauma, bleeding … If the above situation occurs, you should pay close attention. At the same time should also take to see veterinarians conducting treatment.

Tortoises are pets unlike cats and dogs, rabbits or birds … their apricot sets can help them hide and protect. However, this is also difficult when farmers want to check and determine the health status of turtles. You need to find out the cause and timely treatment for sick turtles.


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