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1.Cats suffer from prolonged vomiting

cats vomit for more than 2 months without a reason. But because symptoms are not so severe, they are not noticed. The owner only believes that it has chronic intestinal inflammation or is affected by estrus.

Cats suffer from prolonged vomiting

However, the condition of the cat is getting worse. Must be taken to emergency hospital. Here, doctors have discovered the problem is not so simple. The cat may have had intestinal cage disease in cats.

Vomiting in cats is divided into 2 causes: physiology and pathology. But whatever the cause, frequent vomiting is a serious reaction of the body. Once discovered, farmers should immediately treat, not to prolong the disease.

2.Intestinal disease in cats

Intestinal disease in cats

The bowel is a condition in which a piece of the intestine moves and slips into another gut. Can occur in any position of the intestinal tract. Clogging the blood circulation of the intestine, resulting in necrosis or intestinal obstruction. If not treated promptly, it can threaten the life of the pet.

The cause to the illness:

  • Due to parasites, flu or irritation caused by intestinal inflammation.
  • Cats swallow too much food or cold water for a short time. Make the intestine contract faster. Leads to an intestinal passage that gets inside and causes illness.
  • Cats after weaning are fed inappropriate food, leading to digestive disorders.
  • Use inappropriate medication. For example, cats with vomiting and diarrhea with drugs stimulate the intestinal tract to contract. Causes dysfunction of the intestine.

3. Symptoms of intestinal cage disease in cats

Some cats show signs of vomiting for a long time. But according to experts, the typical sign of the disease is that cats quit eating, anorexia associated with vomiting. Especially after drinking water, cats get more vomiting. Sometimes go outside loose stools mixed with blood, or black cat litter liquid. In some animals, there is stomach bleeding.

Symptoms of intestinal cage disease in cats

Initially the body temperature rises, then gradually decreases. The cat has serious bleeding, the temperature will drop by 1-3 ° C lower than normal. Four feet cold, finally death.
Acute bowel disease can cause serious intestinal obstruction. In a few days, sick cats will die. Chronic illness can live for several weeks. Only a few live for a few months. The current popular treatment is surgery to bring the bowel back to its original position.

4. Surgical treatment

As mentioned above, the cat has been sick for more than 2 months. The disease is at a serious stage. So doctors recommend surgery to treat cataract disease in cats.

Step 1: anesthesia and pre-surgery medication. Cats are anesthetized through breathing. Then placed on his back. Belly hair is partially shaved and antiseptic. Proceed to slit the abdomen.

Step 2: The doctor separates the gut from the abdomen. First, take the bowel to the old position. After pulling out for 5 minutes, the intestine still has deep color and no pulse, cannot recover. Therefore, it must be removed and resumed.

Step 3: Use physiological saline to wash inside the two intestinal passages. Use only pepper threads to connect two bowel passages together.

5. Attention after surgery

Attention after surgery

After surgery for cataract disease in cats, in the first 1-2 days, cats can relapse. Cat owners need to pay close attention. After surgery, the first 48 hours should not be given to the cat. Conduct infusion to reduce heat and stop bleeding. Then offer liquid food and adequate drinking water. 3-4 days later can moderate exercise to avoid intestinal adhesion.

Conclusion: In this case, the cat’s health was very weak after a long period of illness. It is easy to die if anesthesia is used in the usual way or bleeding. Therefore the probability of successful surgery decreases significantly.

Therefore, if you want to improve the rate of successful treatment, you need to correctly diagnose and detect the disease early. If your cat has these signs, immediately take them to a reputable medical facility for medical examination and treatment.



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