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In recent years more and more people nurture ferrets, energetic vivacious personality has taken away the hearts of many people, although very close to humans, but nurturing ferrets as pets has many aspects need attention. This article will introduce people a little bit about the problem of decay of ferrets, and common cavities have a close relationship with feeding methods and health.

1. Why is ferret pet so easy to get cavities?

Why is ferret pet so easy to get cavities?

Because Ferret is an animal that eats many meals, eating only a little each meal. The method for ferrets to eat, which is not once every morning for dinner, but rather for the absorption of many meals; A lot of people nurturing ferrets make pets half crawl to feed them.

So, in the food tray need to maintain a certain amount of food, replacing food about 1-2 times a day is okay. So next, because always eating food, the long time in the oral cavity has residual food debris, the rate of tooth decay will naturally be higher than the other small feathered friends.

2. Do not feed foods that create tartar

Do not feed foods that create tartar

It is very important to prevent tooth decay, choosing foods that are not easy to create tartar. Normally, retail food in the market has ingredients such as dry food and wet food, using dry food as main food and combining a little wet food can be effective in reducing the risk of tooth decay. ; and normally when eating junk food, try your best not to eat too salty or too sweet food.

3. Form a habit of brushing teeth to maintain healthy teeth

From a young age, please help the baby to form a habit of brushing teeth, it can effectively prevent the development of tooth decay. The mink will not brush the teeth themselves, relying on the help of the owner to maintain their dental health.

Currently on the market there are dedicated toothbrushes for pets, if not available, use a clean soft towel to replace, roll the towel on your fingers and gently rub the teeth of Mink Dew.

It is best to brush your teeth every day, otherwise 2-3 days or even once a week can be within acceptable ranges. If there are plaque on your teeth, you must go to the hospital to clean your teeth, so that you don’t care about it, it may turn bad!

Once the ferrets have a tooth decay, in a short period of time will affect their eating, prolonging the long term, even affecting the health of the whole body. In order for the healthy mink to live happily, the owner must make sure that the ferrets keep their mouths healthy!



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