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1. Exercise of Fancy Rat mice

Landscape mice often sleep during the day and work at night. If they are constantly in contact with the owner, they will adjust the biological clock. However, if you contact each day from a young age, you can become close. If it is big, it will be hard to get close. Moreover, the sighted mice that were bought when they were afraid would have a bad smell. It will be better if you get used to it for a long time. Scene mice require a relatively large space for activities. Especially vertical space.

You should choose Chinchilla and use cage to feed Hamster Bear when the mouse is small. Landscape mice must feed from two or more children. Otherwise it will lose flexibility. Do not keep mice in pairs with only 2 children, unless you want them to breed. Do not feed rats with too many sunflower seeds or high calorie foods. Do not want them to be chubby cute and eat regardless. Rats are very easy to gain weight and nutritional imbalance.

2. How long is mouse life?

How long is mouse life?

The life of a ornamental mouse is 2 to 3 years. If influenced by domestic aspects, life expectancy may be shorter. Only about 2 years. You should not feed mice with human food. This is not good for mouse mice. Especially it also affects life expectancy.

3. What to eat for rats to live long and healthy

What to eat for rats to live long and healthy

Overweight mice are susceptible to heatstroke in the summer. Moreover, the skin fat will be thick and easy to lose hair. Only about 2-3 seeds / week is enough. They can be used as bonus food for rats during training. In winter, feed 2 – 5 seeds / week. They exercise less in the winter and store a lot of fat. So try not to give them sunflower seeds. Do not think mouse sight does not need to drink water. Need to supply water and change water 1-2 times / day. Take care to use pure water or boiled water. You can mix small amounts into food. The veterinarian also notes that you should not mix too much.

Do not eat too much fruit and vegetables at the same time. Can lead to death from diarrhea. Most fruits and vegetables contain pesticides. Rinse with water and then feed them. Combine snacks and main food. If the amount of snacks increases, the main amount of snacks will be reduced. And shouldn’t rats eat too much snacks, mice will be more susceptible to obesity. Affects the life of the mouse.

Note to keep the main food and snacks in sealed boxes. Should put in the refrigerator and remove contaminated food. You can buy some mixed fruits and vegetables, or large white cereals. The above is detailed information about the life of the scene mouse. At the same time share how to care and choose food for rats to live long. Hope the article is useful to you.




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