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Today’s Hamster mouse has become one of many popular, cheap, cultured pets. They’re petite, cute and mischievous. Hamsters are usually raised in pairs or pairs in small cages or cages. There is enough space for them to play. Some are popular like Hamster baby robo, bear, winter white

However, there is a common problem that is the condition of a biting hamster. Especially they are nibbling on cages and cages? Why is this phenomenon, please follow the article below of carerpet.com

1. Show the needs of Hamster mice

Why do hamsters always nibble on cages? In everyday life, there is no doubt that the owner will find his Hamster likes to chew the iron bar of the cage. Even gnawing, happy and tired. So where is the cause? Is it harmful to Hamster?

Show the needs of Hamster mice

Hamster rats nibbling on a cage is a sign that they want to talk to an owner about a need. For example, ask for food or want to go out and play. In particular, a certain activity maintained for a long time will form a habit. If someday the owner forgets, Hamster will use things like gnawing to “speak” out his thoughts.

Normally, if the owner usually gives Hamster a meal after work, if one day forgets, the hungry Hamster will not stop eating the cage. Even the bowl of food goes back and forth. Create noise to attract the owner’s attention. Therefore should be promptly fed, can also add milk powder for pets, nutritional supplements. There are also cases where the owner usually releases the Hamster out to play, until they are not allowed to go out, they will not stop chewing.

2.Effects of nibbling on health

Many hamsters do not fully meet their needs. Especially when they feel lonely. At night will also sharpen teeth into large noise cage frames. Whether it affects the master’s sleep or not, these actions are not good for Hamster’s health.

As the teeth grow, the hamster nibbles on the iron cage that will hurt. If they break their teeth, they will affect the eating of Hamster. Moreover metal bars have very strong hardness, so collisions are so conspicuous Hamster brain damage.

For this Hamster’s unsafe, unhealthy way of doing things, you need to use all means to stop this “night pull” situation.

Most hamsters chew on cages is a way to show their needs. If the owner finds this situation, the owner needs to pay attention to whether he has forgotten something or not? Should not be formed bad habits, so soon revised.




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