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1.Something about how to raise baby rabbits

Something about how to raise baby rabbits

When buying rabbits, most are small rabbits. Before taking them home, you should be vaccinated against coccidiosis. This is the most common disease in rabbits. When raising baby rabbits, you need to pay attention to the nutritional balance of food.

It is advisable to choose suitable types of food for baby rabbits. Mostly still supplying hay. For example, alfalfa. Besides, absolutely do not feed them fruits because it is very easy to cause diarrhea. Currently, baby rabbits sold in the domestic market are almost not weaned. You should buy a special pet milk to replace breast milk.

2. Grass for rabbits

Grass for rabbits

Grass for rabbits is very important. Rabbits are herbivores, so hay is a must-eat food when raising baby rabbits. You should use Timothy because of its high nutritional value and high fiber content. Also, alfalfa can also be used.
Notice that the alfalfa is sweet and soft. For baby rabbits, they taste like “meat”. But calcium content is relatively high. It is not good for them to feed a rabbit too much. You have to control their food intake, not to eat too much.

Timothy grass tastes not as good as alfalfa. But in every way, it is the most suitable hay for rabbits. You must also control Timothy rations. Young rabbits have a weaker stomach, only suitable for hay. When growing up, they can feed on fresh grass.

3. Specialized food when raising baby rabbits

Specialized food when raising baby rabbits

You should buy food for baby rabbits. It works for their development. After growing up, food choices are also richer. You have to control the amount of food, eat too much or just eat hay, which will be detrimental to the health of baby rabbits.
Teeth grinding is also important. Rabbit teeth are constantly growing. So grinding teeth is very important. You should feed them foods that work to sharpen teeth. Or you can choose wood grinding teeth, grinding wheel …

4. Some notes in how to raise baby rabbits

Some notes in how to raise baby rabbits

You should not feed rabbits with green vegetables. The idea that “rabbits eat carrots and green vegetables” has long been popular. But in fact it is not scientific. Stomach rabbits are weak, fresh vegetables with lots of water are not suitable for their stomachs.

When rabbits mature, you can feed them an appropriate amount of vegetables. This is beneficial for vitamin supplementation. In addition, recommended for adding less fruit. However, eating fresh vegetables can be fatal to rabbits, so limit yourself.



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