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The Great Pyrenees (or Pyrenees, French shepherds) are a large breed of dog with a luxurious, noble beauty. They are a shepherd dog originating from France and Spain. Pyrenees also contribute genetic resources to develop many large size dogs today.

1. Characteristics of the Great Pyrenees dog breed

Characteristics of the Great Pyrenees dog breed

Male dogs have an average height of 69 – 81cm. The dog is 63 – 73cm tall. The average weight of male dogs is 50–54 kg, female: 36–41 kg. Pyrenees are large in size but not too heavy. In contrast, they are very agile and sporty.

The Great Pyrenees are moderately large, not too heavy. The head is wedge-shaped, the top of the head is slightly rounded. The eyes are round and small, the eyes are black. Eye color may be brown or black. Ear hanging down on both sides, small to medium size. V-shaped ear. The position of the ear is equal to the eye.

The skeleton is well-proportioned, the parts have the right proportions. Skin without wrinkles. Moderately broad chest, strong skeleton. Chest deep to elbow. Tight back and waist. The bottom of the butt is slightly lower towards the tail. The tail is in a low position.

2. Fur characteristics of Pyrenees

Fur characteristics of Pyrenees

The Pyrenees are very thick and long, suitable for many climates. Especially in areas with severe winters. Their fur consists of 2 layers. The lower layer is long, smooth and very thick, the upper layer is rough, can be straight or slightly curled. In male dogs, there are usually thick manes around the neck, which is very similar to a white bear from a distance.

The fur around the thighs and the tail is very long. Can fall down like a pants. The hair on the face and ears is short, does not affect their vision.

The popular coat color is pure white or white with some pale spots around the eyes and ears and tail. The back may have a few color compartments. Dark color is not recommended in this breed. The coat underneath is pure white.

3. Characteristics of the Great Pyrenees dog

Characteristics of the Great Pyrenees dog

A large breed, but the Great Pyrenees is very friendly. They are favored by shepherds thanks to calmness, confidence and patience. They have a strong nervous system, are not easily agitated. But emotions are also very rich. Thanks to these virtues, the Pyrenees are a pet dog of French aristocrats. Their main job is to protect the lord’s castle. In the 18th century, the Great Pyrenees were one of the most popular breeds.

Their natural instincts are to protect the herd and the territory. Including employers and their families. These dogs have become famous through many films of French cinema. In the role of loyal and trustworthy dogs. The Great Pyrenees is suitable for every living environment. They are completely comfortable living in urban apartments, as long as they are functioning properly.



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