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When it comes to dogs people often think of a human-friendly animal. The familiar phrase of every dog-keeping family when guests enter is “It doesn’t bite”; childhood of many of you must also be bitten by a couple of times, and the dog chasing is probably extremely frequent. So what to do when chased by a dog.
Have you ever seen a dog chasing a person or yourself into this situation? Without knowing how to handle them can be dangerous for you and those around you. Let’s deal with this situation in the best way.

1. Stay calm when you see dogs chasing people

Stay calm when you see dogs chasing people

When faced with a situation facing a dog, you must keep calm. Dogs can feel your panic. Keep in mind that, when you run, they will definitely chase. Don’t expect that you can run faster than dogs. You are not the Bolt, the fastest runner in the world so far.
If a dog dives to you, usually large dogs or dive on you. When you dive into your body, you can hold your head with your hands and curl up. Maintain posture until the dog leaves.

2. Handling dog chase situations

Handling dog chase situations

Birth of dogs loves moving objects. For example, the ball is rolling, the rabbit is running fast, the person is running … But sometimes they may not attack you, but want to play with the moving object. Of course, playing along can be scratched or injured. Therefore, encountering this situation stood still.

Or throw a key or something on your friend to pick them up. Then call their master to take them away. Don’t yell at them. Because if the dog wants to attack you, you shout with it will make it more aggressive. If a dog wants to play with you, the scream will scare him. Once he is afraid, he is also capable of attacking.

When going face to face with a dog, it is not a good way to look straight at it or even glare at it. This will frighten the dog and become alert and instinctively attack.

If the dog chases people, immediately find a barrier or a high place to escape. Can be based on the color of the judgments on which breed of dog. If the dog is trained, you can try to look at them and shout out the commands like “Sit down” “Stop”. Perhaps they will listen. If you are chased by a dog, try to put obstacles between you and the dog. The dog’s main weapon is the mouth. It is possible to stuff things like umbrellas, newspapers … into its mouth to reduce the threat.

3. People survive through survival skills

According to the research Bear Grylls has produced a documentary series “Manual of daily self-reliance”. The main topic is about the use of intuition and special survival skills. Also describe the response method when encountering dangerous situations in everyday life. The luck of surviving or having difficulty, it is important to decide whether to use survival to make the right choice. In it there is an instructional film how to do when the dog chases people. If you wish to find out, you can contact us directly for assistance.




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