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Just like human hair loss, cats routinely shed hair naturally as part of the body’s ‘renewal’ process. This is considered
to be a very normal matter and please be assured because even if you shed hair, your cat is still perfectly healthy.
However, if suddenly one day you notice that your pet is shedding too much hair that makes it pliant, it may be a
problem. Moreover, it also makes you feel uncomfortable because your hair is sticking up on clothes, furniture, even
scattered throughout the house.

How to cope when cat litter fall in the house

Here, along with Carer pet learn about fine ideas to help you cope in the case of the cat too much shoveling.

1. Visiting the vet

You should not panic when your beloved cat sheds its hair in the spring, when the weather begins to warm up,
because it is just a normal change under the influence of the weather only. However, if the cat’s hair falls too much,
scattering around the house, sticking to clothes, furniture … even falling out in small pieces, you should review the
health of the pet because it can be. Signs of disease.

Visit the veterinarian when the cat’s hair is abnormal

It’s a good idea to bring your cat to a veterinarian to see if you have any fungal-related hair loss, allergies, or skin

2. Brush the cat more often

To avoid cats shedding their clothes, furniture, you should spend time combing them. Grooming not only removes
weak hair, it drops off at the right time, but it is also a great cuddly gesture that helps you stick with your pet.

Brush cat hair regularly to remove hair loss, hair loss

However, in the first few times, your pet cat may not like being rubbed on the brush but do not give up, so try slowly.
Try to brush the brush once a day, scrub the brush several times and then gently caress back to the back, if you feel
any excitement, then you should stop immediately. Repeat this process until the cat becomes more comfortable and
allows you to brush the hair throughout the body.

Furminator combs are designed specifically for combing dogs and cats

It is best to use Furminator brushes, which are a specialized tool used to brush fur for cats and dogs instead of using
hard plastic brushes with short-stubby teeth. Furminator is a great option to help you deal with the problem of cat hair
loss, especially for long-haired cats, because:

Furminator removes up to 90% of hair loss and even removes dead hairs that do not cause any damage to the healthy
coat of the cat.

At the same time, Furminator also helps to minimize the amount of tangled puppies that cause unhygienic, aesthetic and
allergy to the family members.

3. Apply a balanced diet

Just like humans, if you eat a nutritious diet with a balanced diet, your cat will stay healthy with a soft and shiny coat.
On the other hand, if the pet cat is not adequately fed from this constant source of food, its skin becomes dry, lacking
in vitality, causing the hair to fall off more and more.

Feed the cat fully to keep it healthy, strong feathers

For a pet’s proper diet, you can consult your veterinarian about reliable nutrients and food labels.

4. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the house

When the cat’s hair is scattered throughout the house, the best way to handle it is to use a vacuum cleaner to clean it.
However, it is often necessary to vacuum the hair with a bulky vacuum cleaner, which makes it difficult for many
people to find time to work. In order to solve this problem, you can buy compact hand-held vacuum cleaners that can
roll on furniture, furniture and so on. Thanks to it, you will find the work really interesting.
Give your pet a drink of water every day

Just like humans, if the cat’s body is not getting enough water, its skin becomes dry and the coat becomes weak and
easily fallen. Therefore, to reduce the condition of cat shedding, you should let the cats drink fresh water, cool enough
water every day, preferably to bowl water where it can drink themselves easily.

Handy vacuum cleaner for easy removal of domestic feathers
5. Use sticky roller to remove cat hair

Sticky grates not only remove dirt, but also remove the cat’s hair on your clothes. Therefore, you can use this tool to
clean clothes before leaving home.

Use a sticky roller to remove cat hair on clothing before leaving the house

These are simple ways to help you cope easily in case your pet cat drops too much hair. Hopefully in the process of
raising cats, you will not have any problems with its coat anymore.



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