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What was the feeding age when 2 weeks old? How to care for baby chicks like? How to eat the right way?
These are the questions that all hobbies players are wondering. Especially those who are new to farming.

Newborns are very weak and need special attention. They need to be cared for with the dedication and
knowledge they need. If you are the first time adopting this pet, please consult your veterinarian.

  1. What do you eat at birth?

What do you eat at birth?

All newborns are blind and deaf in the first week after birth. They have not eaten anything but breast milk. Now you need to provide adequate nutrition for the mother. Drinking water is also indispensable to help her mother have more milk.

In the case of orphaned orphaned or hedgehogs, you will have to replace your mother to take care of them. You can use a small cylinder or eye drops to feed your baby. Neonatal feeding should be fed goat milk.

Eat 3-5 times a day, 3-5ml each time. Your baby will cry when you want to eat, you can wait until then or 2-3 hours to eat once. Give the hedgehog as it is when breastfeeding. If you have not fed yourself, you have to drop them one by one.

2. What was the feeding age when 2 weeks old?

What was the feeding age when 2 weeks old?

Two weeks after birth, the baby begins to reduce milk and may eat hard foods. At this time you can give the baby cherry to eat strawberries, berries. After 3 weeks, they can eat melon, apples, crispy fruits. In addition to hard food, the baby is still breastfed until nearly 1 month old.

Baby cubs start weaning at 3 weeks of age. Dairying is a gradual process of reducing milk intake and increasing the amount of hard foods. You can soak the dry food in water to soften the baby’s urine. At about 5-6 weeks of age, they can earn a normal wage.

The food for adult mice and hedgehogs is not much different. Just cut into small pieces just mouth them. Preparing food for the urchins is very simple, just food is not moldy, but fresh

3. Note when feeding the urchins

What was the feeding age when 2 weeks old?

The hedgehog likes to eat chicken, you can give them some meat scraps mixed with melon, fruit. Ensuring more nutrition also stimulates the urine to eat. Cook meat before serving.

The cucumber also likes to eat carrots and cucumbers, deep doughs, rice worms, snails, worms. Vegetables must be washed to avoid spreading germs or parasites for porcupines. Do not eat only one type of food to prevent urchin from being malnourished or picky.

In addition to vegetables, porcupines also like to eat seeds and nuts. For example: peanuts, almonds, walnuts, walnuts, sunflower … Porcupine can digest food for dogs and cats. Nutritional content must be less than 12% fat and 30% protein.


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