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1. Why need sterilization for Rabbit?


Many veterinarians encourage Rabbits to undergo sterilization surgery. Especially the female Rabbit. Because the probability of reproductive organs such as the uterus, ovaries, milk glands of female rabbits are extremely high. The rate of female rabbits 6 years and older that have not been sterilized has breast cancer and uterine cancer as high as 60-80%. This is a malignant tumor, which is also cancer, which can be inherited. Female rabbits who are 1 year old or older will often experience situations such as uterine cysts, endometritis, benign tumors in the womb … This is the reason that you should sterilize Rabbit.

2. What are the benefits of sterilized rabbits?

  • Reproductive prevention.
  • Prevention of uterine cancer. Other uterine diseases such as uterine fibroids, uterine arterial occlusion and endometritis. These
  • cases are common in female rabbits from 2 years old and above.
  • Prevention of false pregnancy.
  • Prevention of mammary gland disease. Mammary tumors are not usually seen in female rabbits, but when they arise they can
  • spread quickly and are very difficult to treat.
  • Blocking offensive behavior. Regardless of whether male or female rabbits will have an offensive behavior, especially when they mature.
  • Prevent indiscriminate urination. Whether male or female rabbits will urinate indiscriminately on the surface of the object, to mark their territory. Adult male rabbits appear to have 10 times more behavior than female rabbits. It is best that within a period of time after they arise this condition should be sterilized surgery.
  • Prevention of testicular disease. Common types of testicular diseases are pus, swelling, and cancer.


3. The right time to sterilize Rabbit

Young rabbits, the ability to accept surgical risks and recovery ability after surgery is also much higher than older rabbits. Rabbit 1-2 years old, the recovery capacity after surgery is extremely good. By 3 years of age, it may be a little worse. As age increases, the danger of anesthesia will increase accordingly. The ability to recover wrong surgery is also reduced.

Any surgery is dangerous. Sterilization is also the same. Older people are more dangerous than younger. If the rabbit has had a uterine disease, it is more dangerous than never having had the uterus. Post-mortem disease is more dangerous than early stage disease.’

But if Rabbit is over 2 years old, she will be affected by hormones. Although sterilization can still prevent the uterus and ovaries, but for preventing breast cancer, the effect is no longer good. The likelihood of getting breast cancer is still high.




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