When the skin instead of skin care to pay attention to what?

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1. How long does the skin change?

How long does the skin change?

How long does tanning have to do with your feeding schedule? Python is highly nutritious and will gain weight
very fast. Bigger the faster the skin changes.

The bigger the python, the longer the time between skin changes. Python replaces the skin more than the adult
python. Python 6 days to eat once, each time skin change 20 days apart. Skin transplantation lasts 9-14 days.

According to veterinarians, different feeding conditions will have different skin lesions. Pythons and snakes are
not like lizards. Lizards instead of partial skin, while python skin instead of the whole skin.

2. How does the skin change?

How does the skin change?

First 1-2 days: difficult to identify. The only sign is that the color on the python becomes darker. The skin of the
python is pink. The sides have distinct color changes. Many farmers do not pay attention to this stage.

From 3 to 7 days: python eyes appear ivory white, pupil color change turbidity. At this time the python will be
very sensitive, alert to any static around. They can become dangerous if provoked or threatened.

From 7-10 days: at this time more excited. Many people will find it strange because they have not skinned. But
this is usually normal. The owner does not need to worry too much.

From 10 to 14 days: the python starts to change skin. They will rub the head or body into rough surfaces to peel
off the skin. At this point you should not bother them. Keep them in a quiet and quiet place, restricting cleaning
of the shed.

3. Steps to take care of skin when changing skin

Steps to take care of skin when changing skin

In a piggery, there must be a full gutter, if it is wide enough for the python to be in the best position. Soaking
helps to stimulate the skin instead of the skin faster. Water maintains moisture on the skin, which will stay under
water for 3-4 days. If not enough moisture, python can die because the skin is not peeled.

Until their eye color returns to normal, pythons begin to peel off. During the first 1-2 days, you can give python
regular food.

When their eyes change color, they do not need to be fed. Since python is about to peel skin, they can not digest
food. After skin rash, you can continue to eat normally.

4. Do not peel the ball to do what?

Do not peel the ball to do what?

When skins, you have to look closely at the old skin and python. Healthy shampoo will replace the entire skin in
one go. If python is only partially peeled or broken into pieces, python is a health problem.

The cause may be disease, inadequate nutrition or too dry environment. The first thing to do is review the
habitat of pythons. Ensure sufficient moisture and water for pythons.

If the python is sticky to the old skin, you can give python water soaked for a while. Then gently peel off all old

If your skin is excessively soaked or can not be rinsed off, you should not continue. Wait for the skin after the
python will strip off the old skin.