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Believe that Hamster foster friends will look forward to seeing the crystallization of Hamster’s love. However, if you want a healthy Hamster baby, first learn about the age appropriate for the reproduction of a hamster! At the age of inappropriate, not only does it hurt the mother Hamster so much, it is also extremely dangerous for young Hamster.

1. Reasonable age for reproduction Hamster mice

Which is the best hamster mouse breeding time?

We all know the life of a hamster is very short, averaging only about 2-3 years. So they grow up very soon. Usually only about 50 days old they already have enough reproductive capacity. However, during this period, the organs and bones are not fully developed. Male hamster sperm is weak, pregnant and giving birth too early is also extremely harmful to the mother’s Hamster body. The body of the young is weak, moreover there is the possibility of difficult birth, death of both mother and child.

Wait until the hamster is one year old and enter adulthood. Body organs begin to degenerate. Meanwhile, breeding hamsters are extremely hard work. Therefore it is also not advisable to let an old Hamster become pregnant and give birth.

The healthiest age of Hamster ranges from 5 months – 1 year old. During this period, the body develops completely, the body is abundant. If you want to have a baby hamster, the best owner should bring his hamster to breed at this time.

2. The note when taking care of Hamster reproduction

The note when taking care of Hamster reproduction

However, people also need to pay attention, the mother Hamster who gives birth will be very susceptible to gynecological diseases, so the life expectancy is also shorter than the unproductive hamster. If you just want to nurture and care for Hamster mice, it’s best not to let Hamster breed.




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