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They often have lovely expressions and behaviors that wrap the boss. Or want to inform the owner of their mood. Normally, through this you can understand what status the Hamster is in. How will cute hamster mice have special expressions?

1. Why do cute hamsters have strange expressions?

Why do cute hamsters have strange expressions?

Hamsters will correct their fur in two situations. The first case, when they are in a relaxed state. In the second case, after the owner touches them, they want to apply their taste to the body. Hamsters love their own taste.

2. Dropping his ear down to show that the cute Hamster is relaxing

Downward hamster ears show that they are not alert and are relaxing. When Hamster is alert, their ears are pricked and very sensitive to the small sound of the surroundings. Because Hamsters have poor eyesight, they have small sensitive ears to compensate.

3. Stretch the body

When you see their lazy form on the ground, they know that they are really satisfied. When the hamsters are sleeping, they often relax their bodies. So it’s best not to wake them up when employers see this.

4. Climb onto master’s hand

When the Hamster is in a good mood, he will climb his master and comfort his master. When the owner puts his hand in the cage and calls the mouse’s name. If the cute Hamster mouse climbs into master’s hand, that means they are in a good mood today!

5.Going back and forth a road

Don’t be funny when you see the mouse going back and forth on the same path. In fact, this is a sign of pressure. When the mice are worried, they will go back and forth on the same path. If the owner sees the mouse manifest as such, they should pay more attention.

6. Wheel for Hamster rats running violently

Most mice run on wheels to exercise and play. Some mice will use wheels to vent their dissatisfaction. So don’t think running on wheels is a very common thing. In fact, the mouse is telling you that it is very annoying.

7. Hamster mice have screaming reflexes

When Hamsters feel threatened, they will have this attitude. Sometimes the owner suddenly reaches out and threatens them or when they are threatened by others, they will also scream. Because they have nothing to deal with the enemy. Only that makes the enemy afraid. Stand up and hold your hands up This means “I don’t like it here, I want to run away!” If the mouse takes this action in his mouse cage, the owner should pay more attention.

8. Pretend to walk on the ground

Sometimes hamsters will lower their bodies when they get out of the barn. That means they are in a vigilant state. In general, they will look like this in strange places. When the wind blows and the grass sways, it will advance to full speed.

9. Nurturing the affection of cute Hamster mouse

  • You should not be timid when they bite you. If you push your hand out, they will feel that you are not trusted, see it as it is and don’t blame it.
  • Hamsters like to sleep during the day, operating at night. They can sleep anywhere and when. When they’re curled up to sleep, it’s best not to bother Hamster. At this moment the vigilance of the hamster is the highest.
  • Although Hamsters like to sleep in the morning, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to play with them. When it is looking for food you just put a piece of sugar on your hand, it will immediately obediently and follow your hand.


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