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Turtle sick, live or die how to recognize?

Turtle sick, live or die how to recognize?

1. How to identify live or dead turtles? You can apply the following to check if they are alive or dead: Observation: Check if turtles...

Ten Pet Snake Health Tips

When you first start out learning how to look after a pet snake you find out that there is a lot to learn, but...

Is a Tortoise for Sale the Right Pet for Me?

Like many new additions to your life, deciding to purchase a tortoise for sale should be a well-thought-out move. Pets in general can come...

Some Interesting Facts About Tortoise Shells

Tortoises are defined by, protected by, described by and hunted for their shells. We are going to look into some interesting facts about tortoise...

Explore The History of Tortoises

We see giant tortoises at the zoo and we know that many people keep tortoises as pets, even the larger breeds. When we hear...

Cockatiels Are Not For Everyone – Here’s Why

  1. Birds need physical stimulation, too. Some people buy birds because, in their eyes, they are easier to care for than for a cat or...

Monkey Business: Is A Monkey The Right Pet For You?

Monkey Business... As a young teen living on the West Coast of Florida I was like a fish out of water. I moved there from...

4 Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Pet Crayfish

You think you want a pet crayfish? Remember, there are all sorts of things to think about with having this exotic pet. The Fish Tank First...

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