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The Red G.rose spider scene can live up to 30 years

Red G.rose Spider is a ornamental spider belonging to the Tarantula spider family. Red G.rose is characterized by a red coat covering the entire...

Landscape rock turtles and common problems when breeding

Raising turtles in the house and treating them as pets is increasingly popular. In addition to nurturing them, farmers also need to pay attention...

Landscape rock turtles and common problems when breeding

Ornamental rock turtles, also known as Chinese stone turtles. One of the most popular ornamental turtles today. Many farmers can also breed themselves and...

What kind of food is the best use for Turtle Turtle?

Xa Huong Turtle is called Common Musk Turtle. They are a small-sized ornamental turtle. Maximum length is only 10 - 12cm. This is a...

Is Indian Star Turtle really hard to raise like rumors?

When it comes to Indian Star turtles, it is said that this turtle is difficult to breed. It is a real challenge for those...

Knowledge of nurturing snake Hognose for everyone

Hognose snakes, also called upturned snakes. One of the reptile breeds originating from Mexico and North America. They are not poisonous, so they are...

Where does the squirrel suffer from diarrhea and how to handle it?

1. Weather changes abnormally Abnormal weather will likely lead to soft, metamorphic food. Moreover, there are some squirrels that will likely store food. There are...

What issues should be raised in raising turtles in the house?

Ornamental turtles are one of the most popular pets that are raised today. Landscape turtles include water turtles and tortoises. Today I will give...

4 points to consider before raising the lizard

Pet raising is becoming more and more popular. Pet breeds are also so rich and diverse. That includes not only dogs and cats. Pets...

Little secret is known about the African dwarf urchin that causes fever today

African dwarf urchins (or African short porcupine porcupines) are the favorite porcupines that many young people like today. Small sized dwarf urchins are easy...

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